• Life in the Endgame

    That's that, I suppose. I've come as far as I'll get.
    Super-O's don't seem all that amazing to me, but I'm still holding onto the possibility that these amazing orgies haven't truly occurred yet. Perhaps I haven't fully let myself go in sessions.
    It's been mentioned before, but my 'depression' doesn't help with the Aneros, MMO as a whole. Or vice versa!
    Even then, the session last night was great. I've had pretty strong build-up to it after the past few nights – and that time I just went for it. What a great time! The weird fluttering in my stomach was strong, and my prostate went nuts. I found a position that worked great was kneeling on the bed, with the body (and sometimes femur) being upright. The p-waves grow very strong in the abdomen and pelvis.
    In fact, my abdomen aches somewhat from all the tensing it has been doing! Or it could be mattress and sleeping positions causing it. I still have sexual energy flowing around me and erections will occur on a hairpin.
    Great session – though these days I'm still fairly irregular on Aneros usage. Will use it maybe once every four weeks – which is a change from using it for a week and then going off it for over a month. Again, the device feels like it stirs depression as well as arousal.

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