• Odd new involuntary massaging

    * Sensations flow naturally – doing nothing or contracting.
    * Pleasure builds up quite easily now.
    * First time arousal from anal contracting.
    * Built up pleasure quickly, and felt wormy involuntary contractions.
    I thought I hit the peak of my Aneros journey for a month or two, assuming that the reality should of accepted of what I'm experiencing as being end-game – that my pleasure wouldn't be all that cracked up. Well, nope, last night's session promptly popped that plane of thought.
    The few sessions before in July/August were standard for me, last night was worth blogging based on a number of new experiences. As per usual with the onset of these firework sessions, I didn't really feel in the mood for the Aneros. Nonetheless, arousal was still evident in me so I wanted to give this session a go. Originally going for the Progasm, I stumbled upon my old MGX and pondered giving that a try instead. One forum poster mentioned switching up models as being effective means for getting the ball rolling.
    I went for it and it admittedly didn't really feel great. Even recall wanting to just take it out within the first 10-12 minutes or so. Things fell into place after quarter of an hour though. I could feel pleasures building, especially with deep and focused breathing. Think I just limped there and 'surrendered' myself to the nice vibes washing in – felt great. Some positions worked great this time, especially lying to my left with my right leg upright. Could feel tingling adrenaline rush around my abdomen when doing so.
    Another aspect I think made a good difference is my erect dick, which I typically keep the excessive foreskin over – this time I peeled it back down to reveal the head. I don't typically do this due to a case of paraphimosis. However, some help from a brand of steroid cream did the trick, so I had little to no pain this time. That said, it felt like the erection and head allowed the pleasures to properly travel to where they should of been in a weird way. Almost as if traffic congestion no one knew about was finally sorted. Along with building arousal, it really worked wonders.
    The most memorable aspect of that night, however, was the involuntary contractions. While they have always happened for as long as I used the Aneros, they didn't really provide anything. They were just there, and happened. However, last night I finally managed to hit on the sensations of the prostate and anus – I finally 'felt' them. Again, I think the erect penis helped because it wasn't kidnapping any pleasures or stealing the show for once. Anyway, I felt great sensations there and concentrated on them. Shortly, I could feel the MGX move around inside. It was weird – but new and refreshing. It was almost like it was moving by itself which given the scenario makes sense. I could even hear awkward squishes as the Aneros slid in and out.
    I genuinely felt like I nearing a different orgasm – probably an anal/prostate sort. As always though, the whole thing was quite brief and for the rest of the session didn't reoccur. Maybe a prolonged refectory stage? Nonetheless, yet another odd experience occurred later. Often when my sessions reach roughly 40 minutes in, and it's going well, I get damn aroused. This time, for some random reason, dirty talk began sprouting in my mind out of the darkness. My arousal sky-rocketed at that moment however, and I had never felt my penis get so solid and tense before. It felt like it was going to burst. (All in a good way, of course) If I had been the sort to precum at all, I probably would made a hellish mess.
    Well in any case, good evening. Glad I finally touched on new sensations and experiences – had doubts that I would. Trying new things led to new things. I should keep this in mind.
    My refractory stages in arousal have been pretty tense as of recent though. I probably won't be using the Aneros again for weeks now.

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      08/14/2013at7:50 am

      Indeed!! Follow your body/mind's intuition, as you seemed to this time and it will lead you to ever deeper adventures and ever higher heights. No specific expectations.
      Congratulations on an excellent advancement session!! Every one of these can further your rewiring.

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