• Super-O: Kind of, sort of, maybe?

    * Continuos, building orgasm
    * Arching back up non-stop
    * Moaning is genuine now, and not 'acting'
    * Rectal muscles & prostate pulsate upon possible orgasm – similar to Super-T
    * First wet-dream
    * Similar orgasm outside of sessions
    * Still picky/reluctant to actually use Aneros
    The decision was made: the next time I have a session, it would be with the Progasm and nothing else. It's too bad my sphincter muscles haven't been comfortable with it since this time last year (read: ring of fire) – though recently on one or two occasions, it settled in fine. So maybe I can take that chance?
    That night I dived in, and tried it. Fortunately it wasn't producing searing pain, though still uncomfortable – more so than Progasm should be. After 15 minutes the stress on the sphincter calmed down.
    And, oh boy.
    Some entries with the Progasm brought up this feeling of huge, imposing orgasm. Like it felt far away, but still gigantic. Those were brief – but that evening, it was constant. That's not to say the distance had shrunk, mind you, but the Progasm's fullness was causing waves of imminent orgies to just surge non-stop.
    I should note that these weren't necessarily pleasurable. There weren't tingles, rushes of adrenaline, or sweetness in the abdomen. It was just a truck ton of arousal and what felt like an incoming of a huge orgasm that never happens. But that's not bad! And actually, that's how orgasms have felt in general recently, anyway – pale, and numb. Maybe I'm so use to hands-feee orgasms by now that I've been desensitised? There isn't the "Holy crap, what is happening??" excitement.
    It was still enjoyable, and got me really aroused. I was breathing and panting, my legs were twitching, my hips grinding. My abdomen was quivering with each exhale too.
    And something new, too: When my arousal hit such a high, my abdomen tensed into a rock-solid state for the longest I've known. During this point, my ass did too. Then eventually, the Progasm was gently being pushed out – but gradually absorbed in. How to describe it? It's corny, but it felt like the prostate was accepting the Aneros – becoming one. As it sinked in, the prostate (and rectum) both engorged and softened up; like when the Jellyfish's body pushes water to propel forward, I suppose.
    The whole event feels almost the same to ejaculating with the Aneros in – it's drawn into the glands, they soften up, and bam. So maybe I was right last year, the whole journey was about reaching that point of orgasm hands-free.
    The session ended because gas was building. Anything like this is enough to warrant pulling it out. But was this a Super-O? Did I finally reach that far? Who knows. Again, it didn't feel like "OMG, THIS IS SO AMAZING!!" but it certainly felt strong.
    In other news, I was up in London this past week – partly to visit my father. Getting away from my current abode did me great for stress relief! And these past few days, bursts of arousal were crazy. Today, after waking up from a siesta at 5:00pm, I had a crazy erection and felt super horny out of no where. Also, yesterday I hit an orgasm nearly as strong as the Progasm session. Damn!

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