• Should Really Take a Break

    Nothing says Super-O desperation like three devices in one session!
    I'm really kind of fed up right now, and it's effecting my sessions and overall attitude towards Aneros. Graduated from university this summer and I'm in that sickening, sludgy void of being unemployed. Want to be out of it as soon as I can.
    And then in terms of Aneros, now I have this weird tinge that I've been relying on it too much as a source of my happiness or joy. Those new sensations, however brief, were incredible and unforgettable. There's always that itch of needing more. And boy, it's really opened up my senses to MMO in general. Even outside of sessions I can have bouts of pleasure in the abdomen.
    At this point however, there are two layers of reality that have finally surfaced: a. I'm bored of Aneros/MMO
    b. I've forgotten all the progress I've made, and ignore all the great vibes.
    With the latter's meaning, great pleasures before DO still happen often during session. These were pleasures that, when starting off on the journey, made me consider the session a huge success. Now, though, I think…I take them for granted.
    Before I thought "amazing!" and now I think "Meh, okay"
    Ouch. It's really a stinker reflecting on my outlook over this. Although nice, pleasure waves of that magnitude don't feel like enough. I want stronger than before! But that's unrealistic and unaccepting <sp> of everything I achieved.
    That seems to be an issue with sessions I have. The second I get the Aneros out the box, I'm at least subconsciously rooting for huge success. I'm hoping for a Super-O, no matter how little. That sucks, it's not what I should be entering these sessions thinking. But I can't help that! At least right now.
    So I should take a break. Before, these somewhat happened anyway from stress over projects. It'd be a natural cycle. Now I need to make this happen voluntarily, maybe doing no MMO for three months or so. As it stands, I want huge orgasms to take my away from reality – to take my mind off things and give it something to obsess over. No way. I want a real job, and to be independent. To put my time in University to some real use.

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