• Abstaining session

    Been over a week since the 6th May, my blog last entry. I talked about having a break to build excitement — and last night's session made a point of that.
    Over this week I abstained from anything sexual, and looking at anything sexual for that matter. No porn, fetishes, masturbating, touching, none of that. This was simply to make the next session a week later feel great, but I preferred this clean break from it all. In fact, just the THOUGHT of something like Aneros or a pin-up girl churned my stomach, it felt gross! My mind and body clearly needed this break, what a great choice I made.
    What also felt gross, as the details above show, was the session. I stay in the city every week for work, for a few days. The few nights I sleep at the apartment are quiet and spacious — perfect, compared to the cramped conditions of my regular habitat )including virtually no sound-proofing(.
    So Saturday is when I head back, and there was a growing urge to give the Progasm a shot whilst having the chance. At the same time, my conscience waves its finger on how lousy that decision is. It was stereotypically a 'Devil vs. Angel' on the conclusion front.
    At first, no — "Let's just go to bed and move on." Then I had the bright idea to peek at some porn. It all caved in from there.
    Slipped in the Progasm, and with no surprise, the sphincter was in pain. Per usual, I set the timer on my phone to 25 mins — when the alarm goes off and I'm still in discomfort, it comes out and the session ends. Unfortunately )Or fortunately!( this is where it went. Stools and gas are a real nuisance with that model…
    But what brief moments of pleasure I did get were some of the strongest and passionate ever. When people wonder if it is like being fucked…I guess so, yeah. Pleasure kept building, and nothing would stop it. The Progasm had a mind of its own, and it wanted to be best buddies with the prostate. That gland didn't 'ignite' or 'crack' like some describe it, but it was swelling and taking the stimulations like a bitch. Even writing this section felt incredibly gross, uergh…
    But my prostate got a real working afterwards, as evident by the constant feeling of needing to pee — the most pronounced I ever felt, and surges of horny lust washing over me every half hour. Then came 2:00pm where I was half-asleep, enough that most of my body dozed off as well. Except for my brain still dancing with sexual excitement. I could feel pleasure suddenly build in my lower half, like an energy condensate. In my mind I was moaning and borderline shouting. What was going on!?
    Then I felt like I ejaculated, fortunately it was just a Dry-O! Except it wasn't, not this time. I nervously slipped my hand under my pyjama and…yup, I felt goo all down the side of my leg. I didn't just jizz precum, I jizzed a LOT of it. Fucking great…
    Fortunately since it's transparent liquid, it wasn't too hard to clean up but still needed to send some things in for emergency wash this morning.
    It was admittedly a great session, and that precumming moment was incredibly powerful and surreal. But still, I broke my body's natural abstaining rule. Back to abstaining, this time sticking to it. If my body wants to back into sexual times, it'll let me know.

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