• Chemistry of the Mind

    * Sensations specific to anus within first minute of insertion
    * Most sensations weren't Aneros exclusive until later
    * Faint Out-of-Body moment early in session
    * Involuntary Tug-of-War generated pleasure in anus/PC muscles
    * Frequent practice still needed on sensing Aneros
    That Aneros itch. I don't know about you, but it's always a source of slight distress for me. Self-inflicted distress, that is. The backbone behind it all is the best time to use the massager, specifically:
    1. If my mind is sound, and I am happy enough
    2. When I, and everyone else, is in bed
    3. I'm in the mood for Aneros
    As you'd expect, all three are situational. Waiting for everyone to go to bed is awkward since they can be up as late as 2:00am – and my happiness dips in and out. Saying that, my happiness is spent too much on arousal which obviously needs to change. Happiness is not all about sex and orgies, unless you're a University fresher.
    But regardless, I should stop scheduling my Aneros sessions so damn much. It's just not working – it builds up too much anticipation, therefor expectation, and induces stress for the right time and setup to fall into place. Quite often I postpone a session by a night because I happen to loose interest, or because one of the above three doesn't occur. Boiling all these points down: I should stop caring so much about what day and time to use the Aneros. No thought or mind should be placed in it until I feel like doing so. It doesn't HAVE to be at night, after all.
    But even then, I've already 'scheduled' in my brain to definitely use it on Monday. What's the point? To be fair, I am afraid my arousal might die off soon – but it's not like my arousal HAS to be in on-and-off chunks. Generally, 24 hours off is my minimum before using Aneros again. Just need to stop making such a big deal out of it.

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