• 2nd stage of prostate awakening…?

    * Tingles of pleasure in anus for first time.
    * Genuinely felt the Aneros.
    * Prostate engorging in sensation.
    * Strong p-waves.
    * Refractory period: sad, tense and desperate.
    Maybe part of the fun in these sessions is never quite knowing what to expect?
    I anticipated a mediocre time, but it was quite an experience. My mind wasn't feeling up for it that night but my body said so otherwise. I've partly forgotten part of what the whole thing felt like, as I usually write these entries asap, when the memory is still hot. It's too bad our internet was down these past few days.
    From what I remember, the usual pleasure was all there: trickles of adrenaline, paced breathing, tense abdomen and the occasional stiff. But early into it…I felt the Aneros inside me. Well, that's a given actually. But I actually felt pleasure from its movements. When people say they felt their anus, rectum and such tingle – that MUST of been it. I'm not sure how I can explain it, especially now my memory has faded a little.
    Basically, an image in my subconscious )?( sprung up. Fingering. Then I could feel sensations – albeit vague, develop down there in the anus. This must of been the bridge between my body and the Aneros, since after a bit I could genuinely feel pleasure coming from each stroke, and the prostate responding to it. Before long, it felt like the Aneros was doing this on its own accord – and I couldn't stop it unless I actually tried to.
    The basic notion seemed to be this: by focusing my attention on the anus specifically, and how the Aneros felt in there, pleasures developed. Mental imagery played it's important role too, of course. But all of this seemed to of awoken my prostate further. Until recently, no amount of focusing 'down' there made any difference. The Aneros was just there and that's that.
    I wanted to drop asleep with the Aneros still in, but I pulled out. Can't remember why, actually. Maybe too much itching, or the fact I had to go to the bathroom for the 5th time. In any case, there is this weird 'refractory' period and it lingers even now. The day following the session, I felt these tense, desperate vibes around me. Sometimes it felt like I wanted to cry in frustration, figuratively speaking. They weren't nice. I'm confident these come from wanting to the use the Aneros more but I held off a session until at least a day's break.
    Last night should of been the time to use the Aneros again but I ditched it – eyes felt sore from doziness and just didn't really feel like it.
    Tried again that night. Think I was too excited, aroused and impatient, so called it off with a Super-T. Damn, strongest T I've ever had though.

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