• The key is 'excitement'

    )NOTE: This only really applies to experienced users – for those starting off, your perspective may be different(
    New entry is certainly a random occurrence, given how dead on its feet my blog is…!
    My usage on the device is sparse these days – and that's nice. Recently I've set myself this challenge of not doing )and refraining from thinking( anything sexual for at least a week. I made it to day five before horny thoughts intrude. Keeping busy helps a lot, of course. In fact, being stressful at times these past few years aided as well, in its own broken manner.
    Too bad that on Sunday or Monday, the absentee is gone. Back to being on heat — and not particularly thrilled.
    It could be that all this MMO and sexual nonsense has developed into an addiction, in a strikingly similar fashion to someone jerking off four times a day. It's beginning to feel this way, and I need to keep it in check!
    On top of helping me feel all around happy and 'at ease', it recharges the battery. You know the one. It helps a lot, though! And it's logical why. The more we do or think of something, the more it 'numbs' – our body and mind adapt. It'd of course make sense that the more we think or use Aneros within a week or so, the less pronounced it works. Counter-initiative. And if you want to look at it in a universal sense, it's basically boredom.
    So by taking a good break, excitement can build. The mind rearranges what is at the forefront, and everything at the back simmers down – we recalibrate what is the norm and what is unorthodox. This was actually standard affair back when I started my journey; I'd get fed up that the device never really works and carry on with my life. Then a few weeks later, curiosity perks and excitement builds.
    Now i've mingled too much with orgasming and Aneros as a whole. There is no spark left.
    Still, writing this, I feel an urge – a lust. I want waves of pleasure, and a sense of release, but now is not the time.
    The mind sure can produce some strange, new thoughts when you abstain – have you noticed? Like today I get some BIZARRE sequence in a dream of a…
    motion-graphics looking grid. Like the miscellaneous motion graphics on the huge screens behind DJs/gigs? That sort.
    Except this was in form of an odd touch-screen games for smartphones/tablets. The screen was made of dark blue circles )Anal cavity?(, enclosed around the square perimeter by lighter blue circles. In the centre was a white circle – presumably the Aneros.
    Yes, I also need to break my addiction to those stupid smartphone games.
    Touching it could move it around, but the aim seemingly was to make everything else change colour to white. White, I suppose, was the colour of orgasm.
    And the trick was to use slow, subtle, to-and-fro motion. Gently move the white near the perimeter. The space starts convulsing, and the white circle grows – the permitter itself starts to ease from blue to white. It builds and builds.
    The whole )part of the( dream was wanting what I didn't allow.
    It was excitement.
    Had similar dreams before – not quite as focused on a specific style, but still vague and intriguing. )Such as geometric shapes fusing together into one( Two dreams before led to a huge wet patch the next morning.
    All this taught me something important though. When using Aneros, my mind shouldn't jump to what makes me flat-out horny. It should focus on what gets my excited, and that in itself can be very subtle thoughts.
    The things I learn…

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