• Why are my dry orgasms so rare?

    I think my blog posts are gone but it doesn’t matter 🙂 I’m 32 year old from Portugal with very little sexual experience (just been with other men occasionally and curious to be with a women but in general much less interested in women). In…

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  • Low Testosterone Again and Considering Circumcision

    My aneros sessions keep being bad. I got my aneros sessions keep being bad. I got my new blood checks and again my testosterone is below what is normal for men above 60+, and I’m 31. Prolactine is also above limit and FSH is a…

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  • Another HFWO – my enemy can't leave me

    Well my sessions don’t improve, and worse than that it’s so incredibly rare to have a good session. And when things are interesting 95% of the time I end up having a HFWO. In fact I feel this is related to my premature ejaculation. And…

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  • The second part of the video

    As promised here is the second part of the video mentioned in the previous post: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Aneros-Session-2-Multiple-Male-Orgasms-MMO-Part-2-2-30728051

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  • Strong dry orgasms feel good

    In the last week I’ve had somewhat successful sessions where I reach weak dry orgasms. I generally don’t always reach dry-os and to me it is the thing that makes a session good. Being in a almost orgasming plateau without reaching orgasm is very frustrating…

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  • An example of the best session I can achieve (yet)

    Yesterday I had one of those sessions I can describe as the best aneros sessions I can get (at least right now). It isn’t mind blowing but it’s really good, I hope in the future it gets better and better, but specially faster to reach…

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  • The unavoidable ejaculation

    My sex drive keeps being as low as ever. With a possible change starting only in September things keep dragging. Most of my sessions end in nothing. When I have a lot of time sometimes I can get to somewhere. In the last productive sessions…

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  • The Plateau again – how to kickstart something else?

    Yesterday I had another session, a long one, and this time I tried to use Mgx. It resulted in the same pattern I have when I can feel something else than “blackground pleasure”. And what it is? The plateau. For 2 hours or so I…

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  • The Plateau – There and not further

    In the last weeks my doctor changed my anafranil dose to half, which could kick something in my sexual drive. I’ve tried having some sessions meanwhile with progasm ice, progasm jr, helix syn and maximus but nothing come out of it. The problem is that…

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  • Was that something?

    Today in the short session I had I felt something different. Well, not a different feeling, but one with a different outcome. Generally I use my nipples when I’m frustratred and get nothing from sessions, as nipples make my prostate move. Problem is I eventually…

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