• Strong dry orgasms feel good

    In the last week I’ve had somewhat successful sessions where I reach weak dry orgasms.
    I generally don’t always reach dry-os and to me it is the thing that makes a session good.
    Being in a almost orgasming plateau without reaching orgasm is very frustrating to me.
    Yes, it is pleasure but it is not satisfying and my body wants the orgasm thing so if it takes too long I become frustrated.
    Seeing that my body was aroused from these sessions and that it was likely I would reach dry orgasms again, I decided to record a session.
    The first part of the session is in this link: http://www.xtube.com/video-watch/Aneros-Session-2-Multiple-Male-Orgasms-MMO-Part-1-2-30549581
    I tried to upload the second part but for now it has some kind of problem so I’ll update to put here the second part when it is available.
    In this video my best reaction to Aneros can be seen, in this case I used the Maximus model.
    I don’t flip, shake nor do crazy things, and aneros almost doesnt move.
    I like the do nothing method as I want to be surprised and I feel it’s the most comfortable way.
    In this session in the previous 2 hours nothing happened.
    Nothing means I only felt the general pleasure of the aneros in my prostate.
    About 20 minutes before the first orgasm I start feeling something building.
    This isn’t a guarantee that I will reach orgasm as many times I feel this and nothing happens.
    In this video fortunately I orgasmed.
    As usual for me the orgasm starts when the prostate starts to contract in a rhythmic way, once every 1-2 seconds, making the aneros move and go deep into the prostate and at the same time making my cock, which is at least semi-hard during orgasms, jerk together with it.
    The first contraction brings a huge relief.
    I feel I’ve fallen into orgasm and that the job is done, I don’t need to try to relax, the orgasm is happening and I can be free to enjoy it.
    The first 3 or so contractions send me into orgasm and with time my body has been able to isolate these strong contractions of the prostate from other spasms down there that may make me ejaculate. It doesn’t always work but I’ve been more familiar with these prostate-only spasms.
    I generally get my cock hard when I’m feeling nice pleasure and my cock always starts going hard before a prostate orgasm as I feel “it might be it”.
    I think it jerks together with the aneros and the prostate because the base of the cock rests in the prostate, the cock is not the center of the contraction.
    While the first 3 or so contractions sign the coming of the orgasm and my body just relaxs into pleasure, the next contractions are more intense and I feel aneros going deeper into my prostate and making me orgasm with more intense pleasure.
    The contractions are not closer in time as in an ejaculatory orgasm so between contractions I have a second where my body tastes the pleasure triggered but as in an ejaculatory orgasm I can’t stop the next contractions from happening so there’s nothing I can do as my prostate keep spasming and giving me great pleasure.
    The duration of a dry orgasm varies, I can’t keep count of how many contractions I have as I’m busy orgasming and enjoying it, but it generally lasts some minutes.
    The good thing is that after this first orgasm I feel I am in a completely different stage of the session.
    The pleasure of the orgasm satisfied me I am no longer “waiting for it” or mildly frustrated.
    Instead, I feel more relaxed and I feel it’s a matter of time until I start orgasming again.
    I feel my body is vulnerable to orgasms and so I can call it the multiorgasmic phase of the session.
    A dry orgasm never comes alone.
    In the session in the video I had 2 hours in this multiorgasmic phase before I ended the session.
    This period may have long pauses like 30 minutes or so, but if I’m not very tired and if I don’t ejaculate I will orgasm again eventually.
    I still didn’t ejaculate yet since last week and my prostate has been very hungry for more.
    Yesterday I decided to have another session and I chose sgx because it’s smaller – all aneros models kinda work the same for me.
    It was holiday so I prepared the day to be a session day.
    I started the session at around 5 PM and I kept in session for A LONG LONG TIME.
    Unfortunately I need a long time to make my prostate explode into pleasure
    I kept having the general pleasure of aneros for hours without end and I kept having the discipline to keep trying to relax and do nothing.
    I also used a desensitiving spray in my penis as I have premature ejaculation and it is very sensitive.
    In previous sessions this didn’t prove 100% successful to prevent hands free wet orgasms, neither is it required to have dry orgasms, but I like to play it safe.
    Finally after many hours of “almost there” I felt the anxiety of feeling I was about to orgasm.
    My cock got hard and I tried to relax.
    I felt two more of those waves of anxiety one after the other warning my body to prepare for orgasm.
    And finally I felt the lief when simultaneously my prostate had a very strong contraction, the sgx dug deep into my prostate, and my cock jerked.
    It’s such a great feeling reaching orgasm, and the prostate contractions were so strong.
    Like usual after the first 2 contractions my body relaxed more and my prostate contracted even harder, making me dry-cum with a huge intensity, these contractions were among the most powerful and pleasurable I’ve ever felt yet.
    My prostate kept spasming very hard with the rhythmic pattern of my dry orgasms and I was completely addicted to the immense pleasure it was giving me.
    As each contraction started I felt a lot of pleasure, followed by a discharge of the characteristic orgasmic pleasure.
    It kept going on and on and on.
    As the orgasm continued I kept closing my eyes at each contraction, and my face contracting a bit too, as the pleasure hit me with every new contraction.
    It’s amazing to be stuck in a strong dry orgasm.
    You orgasm so much and so strong and you can do nothing, you just can enjoy it as it mechanically happens.
    When the first orgasm is over you have a mix of satisfaction and arousal as you had a very good orgasm but your body is telling you you will have more orgasms like that.
    I’ve spend some more hours orgasming, I decided later to switch to Eupho, and it kept me orgasming.
    I don’t feel much difference between the aneros models while I’m orgasming, I guess I need more of them to start feeling the touch of different models.
    As I write this my prostate is contracting a bit remembering the dry orgasm from last night.
    It wants more, but after some hours I felt the orgasm going weaker as I felt my body and my prostate tired.
    I will try delaying my session today, or I might give myself an ejaculatory orgasm as I feel some pressure to ejaculate.
    Intense dry orgasms are really amazing.
    I hope I can keep having this kind of intensity.
    My usual dry orgasms are great but not this good.
    But I really need to make my prostate react faster, I will have a lot of trouble having the time to replicate these sessions.
    Generally I need 1 hour to orgasm, in this case I needed much more, I hope I can reduce it to the time other users get (less than 1 hour, and those lucky guys that reach orgasm within 15 minutes!).
    Also, I feel that if I can keep experiencing these intense dry orgasms, I will eventually reach the super orgasm.
    From that I’ve read, the usual response is that the super orgasm happens after some dry orgasms.
    I can understand that as when I hit the multiorgasmic phase my body keeps wanting more.
    In any case, the dry orgasms are super satisfying and I don’t need to worry about frustration.
    I really want to feel what the super orgasm is about, but with my prostate pounding me with intense pleasure I am very satisfied.
    I hope it happens eventually, I really do!

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      04/15/2017at12:56 pm

      I also forgot to say there 2 other things I need to improve:
      First I need to have the pleasure in the prostate to fill the body, as I haven’t experienced a partial or full body orgasm yet.
      Second I need to put my anal muscles to work, as my peridise and tempo do absolutely nothing to make them stop being lazy.

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