• Why are my dry orgasms so rare?

    I think my blog posts are gone but it doesn’t matter 🙂
    I’m 32 year old from Portugal with very little sexual experience (just been with other men occasionally and curious to be with a women but in general much less interested in women).

    In super resume I’ve had aneros for 8 years now and I’ve got dry os but very rare, and never got a super o.
    Some sessions I had in the last week kinda exemplify what I was able to get with aneros and how I think I have much to evolve.

    In general my aneros sessions are pretty uneventful.
    They generally take 3-4 hours (I use do nothing), and I can get some background pleasure but it generally don’t evolve much.

    It’s extremely common however for me to quickly (especially if I just take a quick look at porn or just sexual images) start having some rhythmic movements of the aneros and my dick, because it’s hard when this happens. There rhythmic pulses are pleasant but I won’t call them pleasurable, because they’re just “nice” and nothing special.
    Like I said this is extremely easy to get, but also they do pretty much nothing.

    In some rare sessions eventually after some periods of this pulsing/throbbing (generally with long idle periods) the sensation on the prostate gets better. This almost always follows an “idle” period and suddenly I feel a really nice pleasure going on and I get hard and the aneros movement + throbbing of the dick restarts (they are part of the same pulse mechanism), but this time they feel much better.
    Also generally at this stage the pleasure is rewarding so my body and mind also naturally just relax and appreciate this further, so I keep really relaxed and pleasured for how long this happens, I would say several minutes each time. It also happens generally more than once so after a small idle period this pleasurable pulsing/throbbing restarts.
    If it happens some times I may get what I think it’s that altered state of consciousness other men speak off: I just lay there appreciating this very relaxed while talking to myself on how good this feels.

    That naturally feels really nice but I don’t think that’s an orgasm – or at least a “proper” orgasm. What I mean is that although it is nice it is always lacking the intense pleasure of an orgasm, you know, that tremendous excitement and anxiety when you’re hit by a really amazing sexual pleasure.
    I am not sure if what I have in this pleasurable periods is what people call p-waves (I still don’t know if I can try to identify the descriptions of other people to this) or if this is some kind of “weak” dry orgasm. They fit the “being on the edge” of what other people describe but I’ve felt better sensations so I know there is more pleasure and satisfaction that can come in the rare cases I can go “further”.

    Like I said, in even more rare cases, I am able to get a much more satisfying and intense pleasure. These even more rare cases are what I can call an orgasm, they are much more pleasurable, they are really satisfying (the last stage gets frustrating after a while as you are on the edge and never get the intense pleasure that really sates your manhood), they are more well defined so that prior to it you are hit with an anxiety wall as you know you’re about to blow your manhood out (without ejaculation) and they have that addicting taste that as a man fills you with tremendous male joy.
    When they start (they are again pretty much like the other stages physically, the aneros moving triggering throbbing of my dick (doesn’t need to be fully erect), etc.

    These, as I said, are extremely are extremely rare for me. They are satisfying, which means when I get them I am extremely happy with the session. Cumming really leaves a man really happy.
    In my case these dry orgasms I had are never as intense as ejaculatory orgasms. I can call them orgasms as they have the same kind of pleasure and satisfaction, but so far I never got one as good. Many people describe dry orgasms that are as intense or more than an ejaculatory one, and honestly I feel I am not at that stage yet, but I have all the hints this is possible.
    I won’t even try to describe a super O as I’m nowhere near that level.

    Unlike most people, I have however a problem at this stage of the sessions. When I reach the orgasm stage I eventually start getting some of those kegel involuntaries that you have when you are about to or having an ejaculatory orgasm.
    It’s common for me to stay at this stage of (mild) dry orgasming for 30 seconds – 1 minutes enjoying it and then I feel a different sensation – I feel the sensation that my body will start the process of ejaculation. This isn’t immediate and I can stop it if I remove the aneros, I can’t explain but I can feel the sensation that my muscles in the pelvic are do something different and I know those are preparations for ejaculation. If it continues eventually the succession of these processes makes me start oozing cum, so my ejaculation starts. It’s not a regular fast and shooting ejaculation, in fact at first my dick is really stiff but still and the cum keeps oozing out in a massive fountain for some 5 seconds or so. Then my dick twitches a bit and stays still again, oozing again even more cum. Eventually at the third or fourth of these oozings my body just trigger the usual ejaculatory reflex and my pelvic muscles and dick start the usual pumping spasms and the pleasure reaches the highest stage. At this point my body is still a bit excited with all the pleasure I accumulated but it kinda drains my interest. In the next days however I still keep the horniness of the sessions.
    I have made some videos on my aneros sessions so if you’re interested I can link you one on xtube on this ejaculation process happening.

    So, back to the dry orgasm part, like I said I am able to say I’ve had dry orgasms with the aneros.
    None of them were as intense/satisfying as the usual ejaculatory orgasms and I think my body didn’t “learn” yet on how to do it.
    I feel like my body didn’t yet just let go at that orgasm stage and just fully make me orgasm.
    That stage people describe where they say their body takes over and are “forced” to just orgasm intensely and the orgasm just takes over for a long time and then a new orgasm start and takes them over again etc – I would love to feel this but so far my body never took me there.
    How much I really want to experience that!
    The question is, of course, if my body can actually do that (I am close so I guess it’s theoretically possible) and if so when will it happen. It’s been 8 years and when most of your sessions are just lackluster you end up frustrated and wonder why shouldn’t you just masturbate and enjoy that much bigger sexual pleasure and satisfaction.

    So close yet so far, I hope it’s possible to get there and unfortunately this is not something I can work on, it just has to happen by itself.

    Small unrelated note: I have premature ejaculation. Last year I did a circumcision as my frustration regarding that reached an unbearable stage, naturally it took me years on pondering and initially I didn’t even want to consider it. One year later I am happy to say it was one of the best decisions I could have made. My sexual well-being has grown massively and although my glans and remaining inner foreskin are less sensitive it didn’t affect my sexual pleasure at all and actually it increased my sexual satisfaction a lot, I can feel all the pleasurable sensations without starting to be overwhelmed by the encroaching point of no return. As a much smaller side effect I have come to really appreciate the look of my cut dick, how when I get hard the glans gets fully exposed and engorged. A tiny thing that is not the most important but it really adds up to my sexual well-being.
    Now, if it helped my aneros sessions? I think so. My foreskin was super sensitive and at the throbbing stage I think it helped it slide more to the ejaculation reflex. Now that effect has been minimised. I had used before, and still do sometimes, some desensitizer to make my penis more numb so that my body can really focus on the prostate. I think it helps but I can’t tell if this is really effective or not.

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