• An example of the best session I can achieve (yet)

    Yesterday I had one of those sessions I can describe as the best aneros sessions I can get (at least right now).
    It isn’t mind blowing but it’s really good, I hope in the future it gets better and better, but specially faster to reach the good part.
    I’ve already talked about really low sexual desire. Maybe that’s one of the main problems I have: get things started.
    I can feel the aneros touching my prostate from minute 1, some years ago I got an hard on immediately, today I sort of still get a minor reaction.
    But for things to reach the really good parts, I need time. And by time I mean hours and hours.
    In the morning I had a 2 hour session with Eupho just to experiment. Lately I’ve been using Progasm Ice and have some nice sensations, I think its stronger contact on the prostate may help bypass my low sexual drive and arousal.
    In the week before when I had a session I used Progasm Ice so I wanted to see if Eupho’s movement would give me something different (and better).
    It didn’t, all I got was the nice but not spectacular general feeling of being pleased.
    I always use a bit of porn at the beginning to wake up my dead prostate, and it works.
    From my previous experiences nipples are dangerous as many times they lead me to hands free wet orgasms.
    I am always trying to forget about my penis.
    I have no problem letting it alone, but when I feel pleasure it always gets hard.
    I actually like that he shows up when I am feling good, as a generator of good things he deserves to take days off (in my case it’s almost always) and have fun with pleasure generated elsewhere.
    However as I also have ejaculations during my aneros sessions many times, I carefully check what sensations it is having.
    I’m uncut and my foreskin doesn’t roll back if I get hard, it only does if I pull it, so while getting hard and such I feel the foreskin having some pleasure in this hard-soft changes, and also when I’m hard and my dick is throbbing.
    So after the week sessions left me with some (very small) prostate horniness I tried Eupho but it didn’t go to the best parts – which in fact I rarely do.
    I don’t live alone and had to finish the session 2 hours in, as I was called for lunch.
    Later, in the night, I wanted for things to continue and I chose Maximus.
    I did the usual, getting it in with some oil inside and lubbing it with vaseline and a coat of oil, inserted it, layed confortably (always in my back, as it’s the position I can relax more and where my cock can move around and not touch anything).
    Watched some porn and then put it aside and waited.
    I was in the plateau area for long, as also usual, feeling nice but also feeling short of something special.
    As many of my night sessions (many times my only times to have sessions) eventually I dozzed off a bit but woke up, I think I didn’t sleep for long.
    So it continued, and I tried to think of exciting things, in my case sexual things involving men (although I would very much have sex with women to experiment, but for now it’s impossible due to my sexual problems).
    It took hours but finally, and after many bluffs of getting hard and feeling some pleasure, something different happened.
    It involved my cock getting hard and then aneros doing in and forcing the cock to throbb, then stopping. Then doing this again. It isn’t fast, it happens once every 2-3 seconds but it feels really good when it happens.
    From videos I saw some men also have this kind of reaction to aneros, so it’s cool to know my reaction is “normal” (not that I wouldn’t enjoy having something different if it was good, but psychologycally it helps me knowing that my body is reacting accordingly and maybe maybe… someday I will have strong dy os and a super o).
    After 2-3 of this aneros-prostate-balls-cock interaction each movement (let’s call it contraction) gets better, my body reaction is nothing like a traditional orgasm but the sensation when it happens it’s satisfying as an orgasm. I think this is a dry-o. I can call it orgasm because it it’s addicting, satisfying, continues for a while, and of course, it feels really good.
    I don’t know how long this lasts, I don’t care of course as I’m having lots of fun, but some contractions feel like I started to cum again.
    I think this is a chain of dry os, so a multiple male orgasm, and it is the best I can get with Aneros. Actually when I started using aneros years ago I also got this, and after all these years it isn’t better.
    Don’t get me wrong, it’s really great, but I feel it can go stronger. I don’t know, I just kinda know it.
    My ejaculatory orgasms are stronger than this, but this is longer and is also satisfying.
    As many people say they can dry o with great “power” I think eventually these will get stronger and make me “regret” unleashing my sexual power into myself.
    While really great, they are also not a “wow” thing.
    It’s a very special take on orgasm, and as a man it’s really good to experience this, but I also “know” someday my body will be able to give me an unstoppable mindblowing pleasure.
    I don’t have full body orgasms, the best I get are like flashes of pleasure in localised parts of my body, generally my legs and ass.
    My abs also are not active as many people experience.
    So there is still a path to follow.
    Unlike the I’m-in-the-plateau-forever-please-give-me-something-else sessions, when I have these dry-os they have that nice part of the orgasm: it’s satisfying.
    So I don’t end up frustrated in these sessions, this pleasure is the best I can experience for now and I love feeling it, being able to be fully relaxed and just let it mercilessly trigger these contractions that my prostate, balls and cock love so much.
    Although most of my sessions end up frustrating, at least rarely I have these weak/mild dry-os kind of things that satisfy my sexual needs.
    I don’t know if I didn’t felt it if I had the curiosity to keep trying to use aneros because those endless plateaus and hfwos are not nearly as good as this, and worse, they’re frustrating.
    So in the absence of mindblowing pleasure, which I hope someday I will get, I am really happy when I’m hit with these contractions.
    As any man knows it just feels good and it’s super addicting.
    What I need right now?
    Having a way to make the great sensations happen faster (not 3 hours into a session).
    If I have regular dry-os I think I will be much closer to the other mindblowing stuff, so making me feel more of these dry-os would be the right path.
    How to do it? I have no idea, and I want to use the do nothing approach as it’s the one I like the best.
    Like I said I want to be “surprised”.
    Maybe if my low testosterone thing gets fixed I will get much hornier thus driving me faster and more often into the great dry multiple male orgasm zone?
    I hope so. My cock, balls and prostate also say they hope so too.


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      04/10/2017at1:08 pm

      @RSilva thanks for sharing your story. What you describe is almost the same as my situation. No ‘Big One’ yet or even Dry-Os but a lot of pleasure in my sessions which I appreciate very much. My Eupho Syn is not very effective for me either and therefore stays in the box more often than not. Keep writing.

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      04/13/2017at12:31 pm

      I will chime in by saying that my aneros sessions always take hours and its been this way for years and my testosterone is normal. Rsilva, you are doing well. Keep smiling, keep enjoying. Hugs.

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