• The Plateau again – how to kickstart something else?

    Yesterday I had another session, a long one, and this time I tried to use Mgx.
    It resulted in the same pattern I have when I can feel something else than “blackground pleasure”.
    And what it is? The plateau.
    For 2 hours or so I was in a state of relaxed pleasure, more than background pleasure, but not having amazing pleasure.
    What’s frustrating is that when I get to that state I feel that I’m close to something great, but never get there.
    My prostate barely moves, and I think my body needs somehow how to spark the prostate into having involuntary contractions in this stage.
    I prefer to do nothing and wait – nipples don’t lead to the right place, and I want to be “surprised” by pleasure, I want it to come to me.
    During this time sometimes I feel a little more pleasure and my penis can go semi-hard or hard. Sometimes I can feel a faint pleasure pulse in the prostate, but it fades and goes nowhere.
    It’s frustrating because I “know” if the prostate starts spasming by itself at this stage it will be wonderful. It’s the feeling of being so close but unable to reach it.
    How can I, doing nothing, teach my prostate to have involuntary movements and trigger “real” sexual pleasure?


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      03/01/2017at4:36 pm


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      03/28/2017at6:45 pm

      @shockedwaves and where will I get that? 😛
      In any case I don’t have a place to use it as I don’t live alone (with family).

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