• Was that something?

    Today in the short session I had I felt something different. Well, not a different feeling, but one with a different outcome.
    Generally I use my nipples when I’m frustratred and get nothing from sessions, as nipples make my prostate move. Problem is I eventually ejaculate.
    Today I had not time nor privacy enough for a proper session so I I tried to try a bit of helix syn. As usual, I felt nothing for half an hour, so I went back to Prograsm Ice, which has a stronger contact with the prostate, and in my current situation (low testosterone, depression drugs etc) that’s my best bet to make my prostate feel something.
    I was very limited in time so I went with nipple stimulation to al least feel some pleasure.
    Using my nipples eventually make me ejaculate, but before the ejaculation phase I feel some subtle pulsing in my prostate and cock which I think are similar to the ejaculatory reflex. They feel good but when I’m on them I’m generally in the slippery rope of falling in the ponr of ejaculatory orgasm.
    So today I felt those isolated subtle movements, but today for 2 pulses I felt them much clearer. I felt my prostate being really touched by the aneros, when generally it’s much harder to tell. So I was surprised by how strong the prostate was being contacted. I didn’t feel any special pleasure, just a clearer feeling of the prostate being “hit”.
    So I started wondering, it’s true I have these subtle pulsations when I’m close to orgasm, so is it possible that a dry orgasm is an uncontrolled chain of these contractions? I guess having those contractions over and over again must feel real good so may I have discovered “how” the “real” dry orgasm is without having one yet?
    I could keep on using nipples but my body likes to ejaculate so much… time will tell if I’ll ever have a proper dry orgasm, and if it happens the way I think it does now.

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