• The unavoidable ejaculation

    My sex drive keeps being as low as ever. With a possible change starting only in September things keep dragging.
    Most of my sessions end in nothing.
    When I have a lot of time sometimes I can get to somewhere.
    In the last productive sessions I ended up with another old friend, the unavoidable hfwo that ruins my sessions.
    In the first session it came out of nowhere, and it was fast.
    I had just inserted Aneros and I was viewing some porn to get some arousal.
    I was like 30 mins in with nothing special then suddenly I feel the orgasm coming, with no previous warning.
    It went from nothing to ejaculation, and the weird is that I had only the background pleasurable feelings before it came sudenly.
    I’ve never experienced this before (the sudden out of nowhere ejaculation/orgasm).
    In the second session as usual it took some hours until I felt something.
    I was getting the feelings of general pleasure and I was relaxing and letting it continue, always with the do nothing approach.
    Sometimes I fell asleep and kept waking up, the session contnued and eventually it reached a part where I started to feel more pleasure and, as also common for me, eventually it was too much and it triggered the ejaculation.
    My third session was long but nothing special happened. I was again in the plateau and nothing happened for hours.
    In my fourth session I also took a lot of time for it and let it go.
    I managed to get nice pleasure and I experienced something more than in the past.
    Sometimes I get some flashes of localised pleasure in my legs (it’s just milliseconds), generally just above my knees.
    This time I felt this but it sort of keep happening over and over again, and in both legs, like 5 times and being longer, but eventually quite suddenly too I felt the ejaculation feeling, and everything was ruined.
    These ejaculations are a bit different from “normal” ejaculations. The cum flows in a much more liquid shape at first and there are no contractions in the beginning of this orgasm, then after 5-10 seconds the contractions come and my penis pumps the rest of the cum.
    These kind of ejaculatons happen to me when I have aneros sessions.
    Note that these are 100% handsfree ejaculations.
    This is something I’ve experienced from years and I really think it is also preventing me from getting further and experiencing a “proper dry-o”.
    Thing is, I don’t know how to prevent this.
    I’ve tried a session after I ejaculated but I ejaculate too after some time.
    I have premature ejaculation, something that really hurts me so much, and I don’t know if there’s some relation here.
    The fact that I have both a severe premature ejaculation and some erection problems makes me have almost no sexual life.
    Last time I was with someone (a man, I’ve never been with a women as it attracts me less and I am ashamed and I would not be able to have sex due to my problems), it was some weeks ago, and again it broke my heart again.
    I was unable to be a top as I ejaculated some seconds after penetration. I even had taken viagra and priligy but as I experienced before these don’t make much of a difference.
    That’s why I avoid having sex too, and while I’m searching for solutions doctors don’t seem able to help me.
    By the way this is something I always had, it’s not something new.
    I don’t know how long will I be able to live like this, it hurts me so much.


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      03/28/2017at4:32 pm

      @RSilva I am always the optimist, so let me offer something to you. Since your Aneros use seems directly tied to your PE, have you ever tried other Aneros anal devices such as Peridise? Or Tempo? You could get the pleasurable feeling of anal penetration but perhaps avoid the direct stimulation of the prostate, seemingly resulting in ejaculation. Just a thought; just slow-down for a while and see if it has an effect. Good luck! BTW, I have DE (delayed ejaculation) so I am at the other end of the spectrum! I’m jealous!

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      03/28/2017at6:44 pm

      @goldenboy some years ago when I was starting with Aneros I used Peridise and I had a HFWO too, so prostate contact wasn’t needed. I also have Tempo that I bought recently, but these two (Peridise is more than 2 ok :P) do absolutely nothing right now. I never had that kind of involuntary movement and peristaltic movements people talk about. It just sits there and doesn’t move.
      What I fear is that it’s the way my body works, so any sexual pleasure quickly leads to ejaculation.
      There is nothing to be jealous about, to put in a way your penis is useless sexually, and in the Aneros case, don’t know if it’s related, but if it is then it’s bad too as I think it is preventing me from having good dry orgasms.
      I had these sessions in a 2-3 week period, I’m nowhere near using it too much comparing with other people.
      Like I mentioned I have almost no sex drive (apparently I have a very low testosterone level right now) so my arousal is also low and my sessions take hours to get something started.

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      03/31/2017at4:57 pm

      Some of what your describe reminds me of my milking sessions, where the release is relatively clear and thin and there is a sense of comfort rather than exquisite pleasure. Sexuality is a very diverse thing – and there is a lot more to life than just sex. Try to take delight in other things – there are a lot of wonderful things in life. On the self-pleasure front – give yourself a rest – neither trying to actively “do it” or actively “not do it”. Feel free to contact me if you want to talk this over more, I’m always happy to make a friend 🙂

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