• Too Much Bladder Pressure?

    Started out with usual routine prep time, with a little extra bit of flex training to try and tire out the muscles beforehand. They were definitely a bit fatigued when starting up with the Peridise. It went in smoothly up to the last nub again,…

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  • Slow and Steady

    Started out with warm, relax, flex, lube as usual. My anus was really enjoying my finger being in there for lubing purposes, so the Peridise went in smoothly. Stayed on my back a little while, doing deep breathing techniques and some gentle anal flexing to…

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  • Calm Blue Ocean

    Started out with what is the usual routine now – warm, relax, flex, lube. Getting the Peridise in place was easy, as my body has been craving it all day. At certain times earlier, I could feel an almost purring or thrumming inside the space…

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  • Extended Practice Time

    Warmed up the room, used low light to encourage relaxation, and got everything I needed for a session laid out. After some relaxation breathing, anal muscle flexing, and setting up some calm background music, I was ready and eager to start. My body eagerly took…

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  • Experiments & Hypotheses

    Turned the heat up higher than usual, kept the bedroom nice and warm so that I wouldn’t have to worry about clothes, covers, or chills. Did some yoga breathing, then added gentle flexing and relaxing of anal muscles with them. No precum yet, but my…

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  • Excited to Keep Going

    Before starting tonight, I made sure the bedroom was warm and the lights were low. Sat a while with eyes closed and just breathed deeply. After a bit, started gently flexing anal muscles in sync with breathing, taking a break a few breaths, then repeating….

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  • In the Right Direction

    Same startup as last few sessions – preparing beforehand is really helpful for relaxing and training. Anus still getting used to the device, but it’s getting easier with practice. Gently contracted anal muscles to draw the device in, and it went in all the way…

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  • Baby Steps

    Started the same way as last session – relax, contractions, lubricate. On back, deep breaths, anal massage, introduce device. Anus was slightly more accepting than last time, but it was still slightly challenging. Gently contracted anal muscles to slowly draw the device in, which it…

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  • Starting Again

    Two years ago, I bought the set of four Peridise massagers with the full intention of using them for anal health, pleasure, and prostate stimulation. In my first session back then, I used the second-smallest Peridise. Against all reason, I decided to go to town….

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