• In the Right Direction

    Same startup as last few sessions – preparing beforehand is really helpful for relaxing and training. Anus still getting used to the device, but it’s getting easier with practice. Gently contracted anal muscles to draw the device in, and it went in all the way on its own. Attributing this to breathing, relaxing, and gentle muscle movements.

    Started out on back with legs bent, but tried a few new positions. Lying down completely flat – contractions caused a little more pressure on my prostate and more perceptible movements inside my anal canal; felt really good. Tried seated with legs bent – put much more pressure on my prostate, but it felt like it was more difficult to get the device to move around due to being seated; was nice and will try it again. On all fours face-down allowed for easier breathing, but didn’t bring any better movements into play. Session went a little longer than before, and scrotum, testicles, and anus were all definitely stimulated, had increased blood flow, and felt great. Penis remained flaccid, but prostate significantly enlarged with seminal fluid again. Plenty of precum produced and mild ache most likely due to pressure of the fluid build-up without total release. No masturbating; no orgasm.

    Mostly device stayed all the way in, but when last bulb remained out of body, the movements felt more effective on stimulating my body. Will work on keeping it out a little with inner muscles. Body still reluctant to give up the device, but it did slide out a little easier than before. Honestly, I wanted to keep it inside me and keep going, too. Baby steps.

    ***Next day result = everything feeling great! No residual soreness at all. For a few hours after the session, I could feel precum leaking up through and out of the tip of my penis. Normally, I don’t produce too much, so this has been a nice result of exercise. This morning, when practicing my no-device muscle contractions, my body produced more precum – which is great! Definitely feeling like I’m moving in the right direction!

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