• Starting Again

    Two years ago, I bought the set of four Peridise massagers with the full intention of using them for anal health, pleasure, and prostate stimulation. In my first session back then, I used the second-smallest Peridise. Against all reason, I decided to go to town. Lots of flexing, breathing, and clenching for an hour and a half. It felt good at the time, but the next day, there were awful health repercussions – they were horrific enough that I gave up on any anal use at all; outside of normal bodily functions. It was a bit crushing, as previously, my anus had been a source of great pleasures.

    Fast-forward to now. Taking a lot of advice to heart, I decided to go slow in reclaiming my body. For the past year, I’ve been gently reintroducing my anus to stimulation and penetration using my finger or small, smooth toys. Finally, I felt like I was ready to try the Peridise again. It was really nerve-wracking at first, but using yoga breathing techniques helped keep my body and mind at ease.

    Read up on the Aneros forums about how to use the Peridise – supposed to start with the largest size, and work your way down as you tone your anal muscles. It looked small enough. Followed the directions in the box (relax, practice contractions with no device in, then lubricate). Used a gloved finger to apply ID brand lube (an old favorite) to outer anus, massaged some around, then eventually inside. Applied generous amount to bulb on largest Peridise, then all over the shaft.

    Reclined on back with legs bent (or in air, bent) for ease of access and reclining posture. Used deep, relaxing breaths. Massaged my anus with gloved finger, then very slowly introduced it to the device. Outer sphincter was reluctant to stretch that far, so kept breathing, gently moved the device just slightly in and out, not breaching the halfway point around that first momentous bulb. Eventually my body took it in, reluctantly, but smoothly. Directions said to let go, which I did, and gently contracted my anal muscles to try and draw the rest in. With deep breathing and gentle contractions / relaxation, I was satisfied to just let my body get used to it being inside my outer sphincter. After a few minutes, felt around with my hand and was surprised to feel that my body pulled the whole thing in up to the hilt on its own.

    Used gentle, gradual contractions, then releases, and it felt good. It felt like the device was sliding in and out, but it really was all the way in the whole time. Felt a gradual warming around my scrotum and testicles; maybe from increased blood flow? Penis never got erect, but could feel sexual arousal almost in the background. Continued gentle contractions / releases and breathing until timer went off (start slow), then two minutes longer (felt good). When not flexing, I could barely feel the device inside me. When time was up, I softly tried to start sliding out the device. My body didn’t want to give it up; it was like it liked it, like it was almost locked in place. Had trouble getting bulb past inner sphincter; breathing and relaxing eventually freed it. More breathing and relaxing got the bulb to my outer anus, where it resisted, then eventually popped out smoothly. Felt around my anus; felt normal / no extrusions. Getting ready for post-train shower, noticed precum pooled at tip of my flaccid penis. More oozed out during shower – anus feels all right but definitely fatigued. Prostate was definitely stimulated and engorged. Did not masturbate; did not orgasm. It’s not about that – I’m training my anus, not looking for penile orgasms. Hopefully tomorrow will be all right.

    ***Next day result = anus slightly more tender than usual, but nothing too out of the ordinary. Hemorrhoids felt smaller or maybe just stayed inside body more today, even after morning BM. A few hours after exercising last night, prostate was a little sore at times. Could be from being stimulated / engorged with prostatic fluid, then little to no release? Or just from actually getting a bit of non-masturbatory exercise? No soreness in morning. Immediately thought “time to do this every night!!!” but GO SLOW. Will start off weekly (maybe Fridays?) and gradually bump up exercise routine if all goes well. Feeling positive.


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      01/13/2019at10:29 pm

      Congrats on your success, Morpheus. Sounds smart and very gratifying.

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