• Experiments & Hypotheses

    Turned the heat up higher than usual, kept the bedroom nice and warm so that I wouldn’t have to worry about clothes, covers, or chills. Did some yoga breathing, then added gentle flexing and relaxing of anal muscles with them. No precum yet, but my body was relaxed and ready – been looking forward to this since the last session.

    Used the same amount of lube and massaged some in, then put a layer on the device. My body was eager to take it in; it pulled it in to the first bulb with little resistance. With some gentle muscle movements, eventually it slid in just on the cusp of the last bulb, which stayed half inside and half outside of my outer sphincter. Started out on my back again, with legs bent, and small movements and contractions felt good. Squatted for a while again, which had a similar effect as last time, kind of encouraging my anus, inner sphincter, and rectum to wake up. Tried lying with my legs up at a right angle, resting on a cushion (a forum user really likes this position with the Peridise), but after a while of trying it out, it really wasn’t doing much for me.

    Decided to try the traditional Aneros position of lying on your right side, with my lower leg straight, and the upper leg pulled in towards my chest. At first, it didn’t feel much different, but when I started gentle contractions, it was like night and day. I could feel the device sliding around inside me, and I had to feel with my fingers to make sure it wasn’t sliding out – it was in to the hilt, and not out at all, though it felt like it was moving miles in and out of me. It was nearing the end of my session time (go slow), and I really wanted to keep going, but I didn’t want to push it. Rolled onto my back & although my body was reluctant to give up the device (so was I), it slid out after some coaxing. Precum was oozing out of the tip of my flaccid penis, and dripping down the frenulum. I felt really turned on, but without an erection. Next time, I will definitely start in the side position!

    ***Next day result = everything feels normal, and even feels like hemorrhoids are shrinking from work outs? Feeling a difference in which muscles I can move: ones that just pull up my scrotum / testicles, ones in the “root” behind my penis, possibly also the inner and outer anal sphincters? Wondering which I should concentrate on, and which I should just let happen all together. Isolating each different one might have benefits? I guess we’ll see; looking forward to next session already!

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