• Too Much Bladder Pressure?

    Started out with usual routine prep time, with a little extra bit of flex training to try and tire out the muscles beforehand. They were definitely a bit fatigued when starting up with the Peridise. It went in smoothly up to the last nub again, which rested half in and half out, like previous times. Once I had stopped conscious contractions of my anal muscles, there were a few bouts of involuntary ones, and some interesting movements.

    However, in this round of “do nothing,” I was interesting in trying to figure out if I needed to have the device in deeper for it to have its full effect. So with a gentle nudge, it went into my anus up to the hilt, with the tabs nuzzled against my outer anus. A few contractions to make sure it stayed there, then I went back to doing nothing, for the most part. For the first half hour, I could feel increased blood flow / my heartbeat in my anus and behind my testicles. There wasn’t really much else going on, aside from the occasional involuntary movement of the device inside me. After about 40 minutes, a gradual feeling of needing to urinate started. Over the next 10 minutes, it got to the point where I really felt like I needed to urinate, even though I did so before starting the session. I tried to breathe through it, but it eventually got to the point where the hour was up, and I had to pee. Walking with the device in was interesting, as was trying to pee with it inside me.

    Returning to the warm bedroom, I tried a few contractions and positions now that I didn’t have that literal pressing need, but not much else happened. My body did not want to give up the device; so much so that it literally fought it keep it inside of me. There was a very slightly bit of pain in trying to get it out, but breathing and relaxing helped free it. Precum had been steadily leaking out of the tip of my penis, and my movements out of the room caused my entire penis to be slicked in precum along its underbelly, running slightly onto my scrotum. Water spray in the shower still feels amazing on my entire groin. Prostate definitely engorged with seminal fluid, and orgasm craving was strong. Did not orgasm or ejaculate.

    ***Next day result = Slight soreness around the outer anus, but less than before. Considering trying the next Peridise step smaller (out of the set of four) to see how that effect things. May still continue on with the largest to keep up the exercise routine, so to speak, in hopes my body will get used to it / keep working out.


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      04/13/2019at8:51 am

      I get that feeling of having you go pee a lot as well when I use my aneros. When I do go,it’s like I haven’t used the bathroom all day. There are other times when I don’t get this feeling even though during both times I’ve emptied my bladder before hand. It’s weird.

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