• Slow and Steady

    Started out with warm, relax, flex, lube as usual. My anus was really enjoying my finger being in there for lubing purposes, so the Peridise went in smoothly. Stayed on my back a little while, doing deep breathing techniques and some gentle anal flexing to get the device into place. Again, it got up to the last bulb, half in and half out of my anus. Decided to keep it there, but did a few more extra gentle contractions while on my back to see if it would go in any further. The movement of the device inside my anus felt good, but it remained in the same position. Was tempted to stay on my back, but rolled onto my right side, as I’ve been having luck with that position lately.

    This time with the “do nothing” approach, some slight movements stimulated my scrotum into pulling my testicles much closer to my body, which felt good. Worked on some half-contractions to try and tire my anal muscles out; a poster on the forums mentioned doing this to exhaust the muscles and tricking them into involuntaries. Although I never reached the exhaustion point, the conscious movements felt sweet moving around inside my anus, and there were occasional involuntary spasms that sent shivers through my groin area. These were few and far between, but when they happened, they were nice. Precum was steadily leaking out of the tip of my penis, and the pressure on my prostate wasn’t the same as last session, but it was a little more gradual of a build. Will try to get the Peridise all the way in to the hilt next time, to see if this makes a difference in how it works inside me.

    Post-session shower stimulation was pleasant, but not as peaked. Water spray on my scrotum, perineum, and frenulum still felt wonderful. Surprisingly stayed either completely flaccid or at 1/4 erection the entire time. Prostate definitely engorged with seminal fluid, and background arousal / craving for orgasm definitely palpable. Thinking about upping session frequency, but not sure just yet. Trying to keep to taking things slow.

    ***Next day result = A little soreness around the anus and inner sphincter, but nothing alarming. In the morning, when I woke up, there was some residual precum leakage, but that was it. Will keep up practice to see what comes next.

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