• Excited to Keep Going

    Before starting tonight, I made sure the bedroom was warm and the lights were low. Sat a while with eyes closed and just breathed deeply. After a bit, started gently flexing anal muscles in sync with breathing, taking a break a few breaths, then repeating. By the time I felt ready for the session, I was already leaking precum – a good sign!

    Massaged lube in and around anus; was so relaxed and ready that the devise slid right in. My body practically devoured it; it really wanted it inside me. Barely had to flex anal muscles to bring the device into position, but still took some time to do gentle contractions and relaxations. Started out on back with legs bent in a comfortable position – contractions made movements inside my anus that felt good. Tried lying flat out on back again with the same result; more pressure on prostate and sweet feelings in my gut. Decided to try squatting for a while, and surprisingly, it seemed to really wake up my anus / anal canal / muscles a lot. Could feel the device moving very slightly on it own, and whole area being stimulated. Went back to lying down with legs bent, and it was like my body had activated itself. Had some involuntary anal spasms that felt wonderful. At times it felt like the device was going all the way in and all the way out, but feeling with my fingers, it was barely moving.

    Precum was leaking down my flaccid penis, and it felt very good. Although I’d intended to do a short session, 15 minutes had practically flown by, and my body wanted to keep going. I wanted to keep going. But I forced myself to take it slow, and ended the session. Again, my body wanted to keep the device inside, and it even pulled it back in at one point on its own. Is it from the different positions? Different session lengths? Can’t wait to try it out again and see what is best. Feeling stimulated!

    ***Next day result = all is well, and minimal prostate soreness. Again, a few hours after the session, I was leaking precum. This is really a great fringe benefit. Stepping up exercise to twice a week, even though I’m really tempted to start practicing every other day. Taking it slow, but making great progress.

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