• Extended Practice Time

    Warmed up the room, used low light to encourage relaxation, and got everything I needed for a session laid out. After some relaxation breathing, anal muscle flexing, and setting up some calm background music, I was ready and eager to start.

    My body eagerly took in the device, much like last time. Although I started on my back to let my anus pull the device all the way in, I soon rolled onto my right side to try out the traditional Aneros position – lower leg straight, upper leg towards chest – as last time it provided nice sensations. The last bulb was again right on the cusp of bring out and in, so this time I gently nudged it all the way in to the hilt.

    Following some advice on an archived post on the forums, I tried a “newbie do nothing” approach at first to see where it would take me. According to the post, the first half hour was to let my body and mind relax, and forget the Peridise was even inside me. The music and breathing exercise helped me calm, and for the most part I could barely feel the device. After around fifteen minutes of not much of anything, I could feel something going on in my inner anus, behind my testicles, and very slightly on the underside of my scrotum. It’s hard to describe; it was like a very vague, gentle throb that was accompanied by sweet feelings centered around that whole area. It lasted around a minute or so, then subsided. I kept trying to stay relaxed, and after five or so more minutes, it happened again, for about the same duration. Around ten minutes after that, it happened again, but for a very slightly longer duration. It felt great, and at no point did I get an erection, but my scrotum definitely reacted, by pulling my testicles closer to my body and getting stiffer on the surface.

    At the half hour mark, I decided to try some soft contractions. They felt good, and I only used about half-strength as to not try and force anything too too much. While trying to hold a firm half-flex, sometimes (not sure if it was involuntary or voluntary) the muscles inside my anus would contract, sending pleasant feelings through my anal area. Much like last time, I really wanted to keep going, but at the forty minute mark, I reminded myself I was trying to go slow. While slowly removing the device, I could feel it bump up against my prostate, which was engorged with fluid. Precum was steadily leaking out my urethra and down the shaft of my penis. My body was reluctant to give up the device, like usual, but the longer session left some very vague soreness – and a lot of non-erection based arousal. It felt like I wanted to orgasm, but not via penile stimulation; it was confusing.

    During post-session shower, while rinsing off my genitals, the way the water spray hit my scrotum and vibrated my testicles felt absolutely amazing. I spent a while stimulating that area, riding those feelings and again feeling like I wanted to orgasm, but not through my penis. If I could have orgasmed from rubbing my testicles through my scrotum, I would have (and tried). Prostate definitely stimulated, and full of seminal fluid; leaked precum for the rest of the night intermittently. Eager to try the next round of “do nothing,” hopefully with more of those sweet feelings echoing around inside my anus.

    ***Next day result = A bit of residual anal soreness, but nothing terrible. A good reminder to keep the slow and steady pace of practice, and that there is no instant gratification here. Looking forward to next time!

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