• About 40 hours of Aneros session time now, time to share again

    So I have had about 20 sessions since I have started my glorious journey with Aneros products and I feel it's time to share some of my personal findings! Sit back and relax, I will probably be as wordy as I ever am! Enjoy! I'm…

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  • After My Fifth Session – keeping in touch

    I haven't forgotten the blog! I've been pretty busy at work so my pleasure time is very limited. I'm still doing the normal manual workout – DON'T PANIC! We still need smiles and warm fluids flowing to keep the body happy! )That goes for you…

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  • Fifth Session – Taking a slightly different approach

    I think I'll hit the forum with this bit, but I have to say there is a lot of mixed information as to how one should approach using the product. )Reference to the prostate toys – not Peridise or others( Some say manually contract and…

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  • Fourth Session Busy busy – no fun

    It's been hellishly busy for me this week with work. And coming home dead tired and lacking energy for any form of arousal is almost depressing… However! I did decide to prep and just pop in my MGX and try to relax. Nothing really fancy…

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  • Third Session, before during and maybe after

    Last night during the chat session my better half was sending me to the moon in other ways. Just to give you an idea about 2 weeks ago she wanted to start exploring sext messages. She loves the idea of turning me on whenever and…

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  • Taking time to open up – between sessions

    This isn't so much a regular blog as it may be a reflection of sorts. Last night I logged onto the Aneros chat room for the very first time. I wont lie. I was very hesitant to even do so. I know that the internet…

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  • Second Experience

    Been thinking about my session very little throughout the day. On the way home from work though that's just about all I could think about. What will this next session bring – make sure everything is setup so we can get right down to business!…

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  • My first attempt

    The short version, keep at it and be patient! TL:DR )but really do( Plenty of excitement! The MGX Aneros has arrived and I am alone at home today! I can explore without interruption. Tearing into the package I quickly read the instructions and take note…

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  • A bit about me before my first experience.

    Just before my first experience – a bit about me. I figure I will attempt to outline my initial experience as I go. Good or bad, here it shall be. To sum up – I have had very basic anal play. Nothing like the MGX….

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