• Second Experience

    Been thinking about my session very little throughout the day.
    On the way home from work though that's just about all I could think about. What will this next session bring – make sure everything is setup so we can get right down to business!
    Last night just before I went to bed I purchased and downloaded the Hypnaerosession CD, awfully pricey, but hey…
    So I get home, setup everything. I run into the computer room and transfer the CD to my Samsung S2 and pop out my Siberia V2 headset from the computer and plug it into my phone (awesome sound By the way)
    It's 6:22PM – I hit the bed and insert my MGX slowly and let my muscles do the rest. At this point I tap play on my phone and listen to the first CD.
    I have to say this much. I am not usually into subliminal anything, but when you actually WANT to relax and you really WANT to follow along, it does have a way of swaying you new levels of relaxation.
    I won't bore you with the base details of the CD – I followed along, breathing, contracting, feeling, going deeper and deeper.
    At some unknown point I must have dozed off. When exactly I really don't know because I recall thinking to myself, "I am super relaxed and still really alert". Either I told myself a fat lie or I was just so into the CD that I did as I was told and just listened.
    Now it's 8:00PM – I continue doing contractions and holding it for as long as I am able. I would guess about 75% of my total depth/strength. I felt a very mild pleasure sense somewhere deep inside, but it was like a butterfly sensation. It was there, but don't you dare TRY to catch it. It just gets away again. I fought to keep this sensation and I kept losing the fight.
    I think I get it.. maybe…? Ok, so instead of focusing solely on the sensation I angle more towards controlling my contraction and keeping it at a steady 75% now. The sensation slowly returns again, but my muscles are getting tired and I just can't keep holding.
    I didn't want to give up just yet. I knew frustration would creep up on me if I fought my muscles to grab the sensation so time for my session was running out.
    I remember reading about pressing your thighs together while your legs are bent and your feet are flat. I tried this first. Whoa..? whooa..(shh) Something… is different. I feel a faint, every so faint sensation of what normally would be an orgasm from stroking, but it's sooooooooo far in the background it's super elusive.
    I wanted it, whatever it was. I wanted to bring it closer or bigger – anything to feel it better, but I'm inexperienced still, so now what?
    I went one step further. I crossed my right leg over my left and squeezed my thighs together (being careful not to smash myself!) I contracted and held again, this time aiming more towards full contraction and just holding it.
    There!!…I definitely feel it now. With the legs pressed and the full contraction there is a super deep sensation of what almost feels like an echo of an orgasm, something I remember from my past kind of feeling. It's there. I remember it. I just can't quite finish it.
    Like when you want to rub out a quicky, for me it involves stretching my legs and pointing my toes like a super reach with my legs. I can't explain why but doing that brings me to orgasm 100's times faster than just stroking and waiting it out.
    Anyway, I wanted THAT same sensation, to reach out and grab that feeling(orgasm?) NOW! but my muscles were dead. My contractions went from super hero like, to, OK – session must end.
    So, to wrap up.. My second session brought a new feeling again, and definitely a surprise. I don't claim to have anything figured out, but I am absolutely loving the journey here.
    What will my next session bring? I have no idea. Could be nothing, could be my little butterfly sensation, or maybe next time I can actually net it and find out what it really is…
    We shall see!

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      11/22/2014at12:50 am

      Love your writing style Drummel, you actually are doing well for the time. Keep practicing. Your Anernos will take you places you have never experienced before. To O's and after glows that are indescribable.

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