• Fifth Session – Taking a slightly different approach

    I think I'll hit the forum with this bit, but I have to say there is a lot of mixed information as to how one should approach using the product. )Reference to the prostate toys – not Peridise or others(
    Some say manually contract and relax. The instructions say contract and relax. Some users say do nothing and see what your body does. Others say if your Chakra and life is out of balance to work on centering.
    It's rather frustrating. Not intended to sound negative towards anyone either. All the information is great, it seems to be more of a belief system than a real scientific or medical approach. If you believe in it, chances are it will work )Mind over matter I guess(
    OK! On with it!
    So this time around I've decided a different approach…
    First off – the usual. I prep my space to get ready for my session. I've found some nice relaxing tracks that I put on my phone to listen to with headphones again. These tracks are peaceful soft music with woman and/or men softly moaning in the background. Some of them are instructional in the sense they remind you to breathe or focus on specific aspects of your session. Not really goal oriented, just "pay attention to these feelings and go with the flow" kind of instructional reminders.
    So I lube up and Sheath my MGX. Today I am going to back way off my usual approach. I am going to start off by doing absolutely nothing at all. NOTHING.
    First music track is light moaning and instructional. Breathe, relax, enjoy..etc. Great way to take 10 minutes to let everything settle into place.
    Every so often I feel myself tighten my PC muscle. My penis is not flicking because I'm not doing it. Just around the anus am I really feeling it. Every time it happens I make a relaxed effort to release the muscle again. As I listen to the CD it just slowly keeps contracting again. And I release it again. This goes on for about 15 minutes. Slow and steady contractions that I truly am making no effort to do myself – other than releasing the muscle when I realize it's happened again.
    After that 15 minutes I think my body just gets use to the battle and relaxes even more. Now I do not contract at all unless I will myself to.
    Ok, now I can play a bit. Since the natural contractions have ended I start with some feathered contractions. So light, so weak, so damn sexy. As soon as I feel the MGX kiss me in the right spot I stop and hold for the briefest of moments. As soon as I feel a spark of energy?excitement?arousal? I release my contraction fully and just relish what I felt and focus on it.
    After the feeling starts to fade. I wasn't clocking it, but I figure maybe a minute between contractions while I was focused on the feeling. I would contract again and repeat the same process. And slowly over time I built up an amazing store of deep good feelings. After it became pretty consistent I went ahead and started very, VERY light contractions and immediate releases. Just kissing that spot and letting go. Just like a good tease. This lasted my entire session. It was an extremely heightened arousal by the time I was done.
    I didn't have a drop of precum, nor did I ever have an erection – but the internal feeling was intense and amazing – in fact I am still feeling the buzz a few hours later. Making my butt twitch as I sit here!
    OH!! I totally forgot. I also did something that helped me concentrate centrally on my insides. I placed both of my palms on my stomach with my thumbs touching together right over my belly button. I put my index fingers together creating an "arrow" or "pyramid". In my mind it was like pointing or generally covering the area I wanted my mind to stay focused on. It may seem silly, but for me it worked wonders. I was REALLY able to have a central focus on the feelings and where they were coming from as my hands were a constant reminder to my mind to 'stay focused here' – along with those CD tracks it was great.
    Errrm.. I am running off at the mouth again. The session was fantastic by the way! I had no O's of any sort, but the energy or arousal I am still feeling definitely said to me the session went well.
    Until next time – I am not sure if I will try another way yet. This one was nearly the most enjoyable – with the exception of my better half arousing me to death and then doing a session – but being so aroused you might pop probably helped TONS!!

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