• About 40 hours of Aneros session time now, time to share again

    So I have had about 20 sessions since I have started my glorious journey with Aneros products and I feel it's time to share some of my personal findings!
    Sit back and relax, I will probably be as wordy as I ever am! Enjoy!
    I'm not sure where to start this exactly so I will talk it out as I go, I guess =D
    If you have kept up with my previous blog posts you will get an idea of where I was at. Well let me assure you it as only gotten better with time. I cannot claim to be rewired, but my good lord has the experience and the pleasure been absolutely breathtaking!
    I have continued my sessions moving forward with lighter contractions, on RARELY really deep contractions anymore (Unless I am going for a Super-T)
    I gotta say…. sticking with the light contractions, alternating between direct anal contractions and PC contractions has sky rocketed my pleasure levels! P-waves a plenty, oooh my goodness! I haven't had any Super-O's yet, or any hands free dry-o's, but I don't even care. The build up has been glorious!
    Since I have started I have added 5 more models to my collection. I have outlined each of them in the forums, but I will touch base here to keep this from being pages long, and I will include the link to the thread it's in as well.
    MGX – My first – pretty spot on for contact
    HELIX – My Second. It requires a slight angle Change to feel right, so I use it infrequently.
    Maximus – First step into a bigger world, great feeling.
    PROGASM JR – Love it's feeling and fullness
    PROGASM – Again love it, it rakes past my prostate and creates shivers from my spine to my penis, it's amazing.
    Here is the link that goes into more detail if you are interested!

    Aneros Forum

    Each model, with the exception of the Helix pretty much guarantees nearly instantaneous P-Waves. I am learning to control them much better now. Before I was trying to force the P-waves into an orgasm, which is a no-no I am well aware of now. DON'T FORCE ANYTHING. This isn't a wank session, this is a pleasure session for the love of it all!
    P-Waves *sigh*. What can I say… I love them to death. The arousal, the sensation, the relaxation. I've learned to enjoy every nuance. What does it feel like you wonder? Well, for me it's like this:
    Sometimes they are centered deep in my core just below my belly button. A cross between butterflies and electricity. I imagine it to be a ball of sexual pleasure that floats around your insides and if you focus on it you can "move" it to other areas of the body. It's amazing what your mind and body can do when you work towards a like goal =D
    Since I have had many many sessions with P-Waves I decided to take a break. Roughly between sessions 15-20 I spent more time just feeling echos in my body without the Aneros installed. I guess the guys here would call it A-Less. I don't have orgasms, but with light contractions I can spark P-Waves literally ALL day long. Driving, walking, anything or nothing and I can fire up the engine.
    My favorite sensations have been moving that ball of energy from below my belly button into my Prostate and have it circle around the anus through the perineum up the shaft of my penis to the head, and then start the journey over again. It's a delicious feeling to say the least! And just before making love with my better half this REALLY super charges my sexual drive!
    What I have noticed from this early awakening –
    When I wake in the morning and get ready for work my energy is dormant. Pee, take a shower, get on to work. Relaxed and energized. Here is where it got interesting for me.
    At work everything is fine, by the time I take my first break I hit the rest room and dump the bladder. This time and every single day, as soon as I squeeze to clear the urethra I am visited immediately by quiet P-Waves, loving, low level energy that starts to caress me again.
    For the rest of the day it stays like this. I can focus on it and do a few light contractions if I really want to energize those waves and wake it up considerably. They never actually go away once it's awake for the day. If I don't focus on them they become background sensations, but they are always present. At first I was worried because it wouldn't go away, but I started to explore it and I've become comfortable with the constant sensation now.
    Side Effects/Benefits –
    I have become HYPER aware of my bladder now. It was kind of scary at first because the P-Waves felt like they were interfering with my "full bladder" sensation. I couldn't quite tell if I had to pee, or if it was just intense P-Wave sensations. Turns out with a bit of physical rewiring I learned the difference again, for the first time. (Trust me it makes sense :) ) When my bladder is full I can simply pull in my lower abdomen or apply slight pressure above my bladder and THAT is the tell tale sign to look for when the bladder is full, PRESSURE/Fullness. Since the P-Waves overrode that at first I was afraid I wouldn't know the difference ever again. (now it's just funny that I panicked) Since I used physical touch or my abdomen to "bladder check" my body got accustomed to all the sensations again. So it was a side effect, but it turns out I am just fine!
    One more effect from waking up the Prostate and being able to control P-Wave sensations better – as the bladder starts to fill up the extra pressure is very eye opening arousal! I walk all day at work as I work in a warehouse, so as the bladder starts to get towards full the walking "juggles" the bladder and I can feel it against the prostate. Ooohh, ooh my. I don't know what to say, but it's damn near orgasmic! And emptying the bladder? The relieved pressure is almost just the same. Kind of wants to make you swoon while you learn to control it.
    Another new sensation I have also had –
    I was sleeping on my lunch break and I was awoken to an electric charge in my ass. Pleasant, but electric. About 2 times every second I was having involuntary contractions in my anus, but it wasn't just muscle contractions, they REALLY felt like they were charged with a low level of electricity (Like one of those E-Stim devices I guess) After about a minute of this happening I was worried it might escalate into something too pleasurable so I did a massive contraction to curb it. Being at work and looking like you are being pleasured by a chair would seem.. Uhh.. awkward!!!
    Edit – Oops forgot one! The head of my penis )Glans Penis( has become super charged with sensitivity too. Especially the edges of the corona. When I have regular or Super-T orgasms it's so intense! And if I tease the head and sides while I am having an orgasm I can literally coax secondary contractions out of my body before the first orgasm dies down. It extends it a few more seconds and "feels" like the tip of a second smaller orgasm. It's wonderful!
    I have become accustomed to all these new sensations. They aren't nearly as alien as they were when they were first woken up.
    So every day A-less P-Waves, electric anal contractions, near orgasmic presence as the bladder fills while I am walking/jogging. And again as I relieve myself. The relief part is something that makes me see stars. I've switched to the stalls because I am not sure how powerful they will be and it helps avoid being in an awkward moment. And these are only P-Waves. I can't wait for the rewiring to move further along! I may just have an orgasm that squeezes my prostate right out into my hand!!! (Hey it'd be easier to manipulate =D )
    My journey is far from over. I have yet to experience a Super-O, MMO, or anything except P-Waves, but to any newer user reading this. ENJOY IT ALL. Don't rush, don't force anything, JUST RELAX. Less is more, and REALLY pay attention to your sensations. If your ONLY goal is to have an orgasm early on, you are already walking the wrong path. Let your body decide when it is ready. Just enjoy everything.
    On the note of paying attention, it's important to read the Wiki, if you don't want to read it all at least read the Advanced Skills section, but honestly all the information is worth at least storing into your head for later.
    And talk to those fine people in the forums, the information is out there. And for the love of Aneros, SHARE your stories and experience. People love to read and comment on your journey too! There is even help if you have an experience you want to understand better.
    I imagine this is far from my last blog post, but until I reach the next plateau I will be exploring my body and my mind further. The benefits of A-less fun alone are worth a million bucks even if you can't "finish".
    In closing. Love it, love it, love it! I am more relaxed in sessions, I am super charged with energy. I just feel pretty fucking good. Period.
    Take care for now!


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      12/21/2014at12:08 am

      Thanks for your observations, I too am experiencing some of these benefits and agree with letting your body take charge of the sessions. Live long and may your P-waves prosper!

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      12/22/2014at11:46 am

      Great dude, though unlike me your prostate stays aroused, my shuts down, no matter what, i just don't get it. What is your penis doing during all this, is it hard? up and down?

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