• Fourth Session Busy busy – no fun

    It's been hellishly busy for me this week with work. And coming home dead tired and lacking energy for any form of arousal is almost depressing…
    However! I did decide to prep and just pop in my MGX and try to relax. Nothing really fancy to report though.
    I put in my relaxation CD 2 and slide my toy home nice and sloooow. I ran a session for nearly an hour. From hard contractions to feather light flutters.
    I think I may have found my current auto contraction spot? About half strength and if I can find the right spot my anus starts to flutter on it's own. It's currently requiring some concentration to keep the muscles just relaxed enough for it to happen, but it is a first. I was able to duplicate the feeling a few times during this session. The longest was about 30 seconds of auto contractions. I did not have any real "feel good" sensations this session, but with my exploring I did start to figure something else new about my body.
    So two fold – First time auto's, brief, but note worthy in my experimenting.
    and second. I got some much needed relaxation. I was not aroused at any point, and you know what? That's ok. I was not disappointed at all!!
    This weekend I have some time off of work, maybe I can get a nice sessions in? =D

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