• My first attempt

    The short version, keep at it and be patient!
    TL:DR )but really do(
    Plenty of excitement! The MGX Aneros has arrived and I am alone at home today! I can explore without interruption.
    Tearing into the package I quickly read the instructions and take note of cleaning the unit and the suggested position and movements.
    Ok, NEXT!!
    I happened to just recently buy a cleaning bulb so I did the deed in preparation for my session.
    The bed is all set, my towel is down and I have so many great lubes, no problem with setup!
    I go ahead and prep myself and the MGX for our first meeting. It doesn't take long to slide on home. I'm already comfortable with basic anal play so there isn't too much tension. My concern was the depth, but those fears were allayed quickly as I tightened up to slide it the rest of the way in. Nice and smooth!
    I immediately get into the suggested position on my side with one leg out and one bent towards my stomach.
    Grrrr!! I gotta pee.. Or do I? I remember some early reading that it was a sensation that may occur. Rather than getting up to relieve myself, which I had already done prior to my session, I just lied in bed and relaxed and let the sensation subside on it's own.
    Much better, I don't have to fake pee anymore!
    At this point I've been relaxing for about 10 minutes and I continue to breathe. I start to incorporate some light and steady contractions, to note: I've done kegel exercises fairly regularly for awhile so *I* feel I am in okay shape down there.
    Just keep breathing, just relax! Anxiety and expectation are creeping up. Need to refocus several times in the next few minutes.
    I finally get in the right mind again and I start to feel the urge that I have to sit on the can in the bathroom..Arg!! All these interruptions! Again, I'd already taken care of these things before my session and waiting about 30 minutes so it can't be that.
    I fell back to the beginning again and stopped contracting and just relaxed and breathed.
    Man this position sucks! )for me(
    I roll over onto my back and put the pillows behind me just a bit and because the handle was touching my towel/bed I tossed a pillow around my lower back/upper butt area.
    MUCH better!
    So I bent my knees a little and placed my feet flat. Breathing, slowly contracting. Occasionally contracting much harder…
    Uggh – this tab is painful to me! Thank God I did some earlier reading. I had a piece of tissue to fold into a small square and placed it right under the tab at the perineum. Plenty of pressure still, but without the sharper feeling of the tab.
    I can hurry the story along a bit here. After I fixed the tab I kept breathing and contracting and staying relaxed. Occasionally I felt something new down there, but I did not know what it was so rather then putting a super focus on it I just let it do what it does. The sensation was very slight and never really went anywhere and passed. I wouldn't call it a good or bad sensation. It just was something different.
    So keeping at it – I end up falling asleep while in my session. I woke up and decided I'm going to end here. I'm super relaxed, but nothing really happened.
    I wont lie, I was disappointed. I did keep a level head though. I knew not to expect too much, but overall I felt it was really 'nothing'.
    I plan to keep at it though because exploration in itself is fun!
    So my session ended.
    The rest of the evening I had a sensation of slight pressure by my perineum and I was aware of my anus way more than I usually am. Not in a painful way. Just sort of a "hello I am here" kind of awareness.
    Time for real sleep, work in the morning!
    I had a dream that my perineum and anus were pulsing in a light rhythm, the sensation felt good – not great. Is my dream hinting at something? Or did something really happy in my super relaxed state? Was it a dream? Who knows, but it locked a memory in my head and I know I am going to try this
    End of story, for now.

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