• Taking time to open up – between sessions

    This isn't so much a regular blog as it may be a reflection of sorts.
    Last night I logged onto the Aneros chat room for the very first time. I wont lie. I was very hesitant to even do so. I know that the internet provides me a bit of anonymity. I still feel, in a way, that I am walking naked into a room of people. Do they judge? Or are we of equal minds to some degree?
    I sat quiet for a moment and just read what some of the users were saying and it occurred to me fairly quickly that no real judgement is going to be passed. I am in a room of people like myself, curious, explorers, people determined to do it how they want to and anyone else be damned if you judge them.
    That being said – I had an amazing time last night just opening up and talking to everyone. You will have to forgive that I have a slightly bad memory for names, but I spent some quality time reflecting on topics with devajones, and I know it's already known – but my thanks extends to you sincerely. You truly helped make my first night fun, entertaining, extremely informative, and most of all you helped put me at ease.
    There was no shortage with any user so please do not think I am dismissing any of you. I am not!
    I started drinking my version of White Russians and I was getting a bit tipsy so my mind fuzzed out on some names :)
    If you are interested here is the mixture:
    1oz Vodka of choice
    1oz Half N'Half or Cream (NOT THAT CREAM!) :)
    1oz Bailey's Original
    1/2oz Godiva Dark Chocolate Liqueur
    I do not have a name for this drink. Like I said it started from simple White Russians and I ended up with this. As true in the world at large this could already be a recipe, but in my mind I made it first – so I just need a name. =D
    Put in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously
    Serve over ice. If you don't have a shaker you can use anything that you can seal completely.
    That'll do for now! Good times to us all.
    Oh geez, SizzleStix!! It just popped in my head, LOL! I swear I am not trying to forget anyone here :)

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