• After My Fifth Session – keeping in touch

    I haven't forgotten the blog! I've been pretty busy at work so my pleasure time is very limited. I'm still doing the normal manual workout – DON'T PANIC! We still need smiles and warm fluids flowing to keep the body happy! )That goes for you too ladies!(
    I think moving forward with the blog I will "skip" the sessions that are unchanged for now. I don't want this to feel blurred together with something overly repetitive.
    For those that like hot and juicy session stories, don't worry – even if I have no more than simple waves of ecstasy – if I am aroused and have some serious juices flowing I will make sure you get details – who knows? It may help fuel someone's future session.
    Just the normal "relaxed" sessions I will skip on. If new sensations are noted I will be sure to post them here!

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