• Delion Julien

    Bonjour, Je suis un nouvel inscrit et j’aimerais partager nos expériences. Julien Hello, I am a new registrant and I would like to share our experiences. Julian

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  • Such a beautiful experience to achieve in my sexual life at nearly 40 – PART 2

    2020.01.18 / PART 2: Hey Chaps! Feeling quite orgasmic, erotic, happy and energized this morning! I know, I previously said I’d have a rest but I didn’t really managed to do it! I’m afraid to be kind of addicted to prostate massage and orgasms… As…

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  • Such a beautiful experience to achieve in my sexual life at nearly 40 – PART 1

    2020.01.16 / PART 1: I’d like to pay a tribute to Aneros and Helix Syn Trident and all here who write so much interesting testimonials and reviews. This smartly designed and soft thing added something tremendous to my already fulfilled sexual life, having a loving…

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  • Exploring the beauty of embodiment

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  • Retrograde Ejaculation

    I’ve gotten the super o thing down pat to the point where I don’t even need my progasm anymore to have a super o. However, I decided recently why not tru to see if I could cum hands free with just toys. I try with…

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  • My Journey

    Not much to say here except that I used my Helix this morning and got one P-Wave. I was sort of previously horny before starting and slipped it in and started off. The P-Wave or pleasure wave was about 2-5m in length and felt like…

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  • Sledhead3415

    Very interested in prostate massage never tryed it before very very interested in having massive orgasms any advice thanks like witch toys are best thanks again

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  • weird feeling ill tell you about it and tell me what you think.

    so i did a regular session this time its been about 3 months since my last attempt. at about the 45 minute mark i hat to pull out and pass gas, so i washed the toy and put it back in, after i put in…

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  • chat room

    Any news about chat room???

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  • First time

    Had an amazing first time. I’d read lots of the blog entries, and thank you all for the guidance. Started with an enema and a shower. Lubed up with Marksman and Swiss Navy waterbased lube. Was alone in the house after a long, long drive….

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