• Such a beautiful experience to achieve in my sexual life at nearly 40 – PART 1

    2020.01.16 / PART 1:
    I’d like to pay a tribute to Aneros and Helix Syn Trident and all here who write so much interesting testimonials and reviews. This smartly designed and soft thing added something tremendous to my already fulfilled sexual life, having a loving wife and 3 kids. It happened in just a few days and I still hardly can’t believe it is possible!
    When I have read for the first time about P-spot and big “O” a few days ago, I knew it was something for me.
    I have tried prostate massage by hand first. Prostate massage alone and by hand turned to be a total failure. I guess this is because of two much anal stimulation and because I didn’t feel comfortable at all, doing it alone.
    Then I tried Kegel exercices in bed at night while everybody was sleeping. I did feel pleasure coming the first time with perineum contraction, doing this first in my bed.
    Then I found the Helix Syn Trident on internet and ordered it immediately, after reading Aneros web site and blogs, I went on trying Kegels exercises, feeling pleasure, but not more. But the will to go further was growing incredibly fast, I was really waiting for it!
    When it was delivered to my office, packed as a present, my boss was out for some reason, and I had nothing special to do… I could’nt resist to try at this moment! I went to a safe place, put a large amount of lubricant and inserted it softly. I put my clothes back over it and went back to my desk.
    There, sitting towards my computer, I focused on my sensations and felt nothing, looking for a position that wouldn’t hurt on the chair. Then I started de Kegel exercises: Contraction of perineum, holding, releasing, waiting spasms, contracting slightly, and so on… Slightly I felt the Helix Syn Trident working, I felt growing pleasure, and I felt waves of pleasure, each time bigger in time and intensity. As I was alone, I started some other positions but each position change would stop the waves immediately. I also realized touching the Helix Syn, was doing the same. I didn’t touch my penis at all, according all I had read about it. I finally lied on the back, knees up and feet on the floor, and it was the best position. I let it go and started to shake, feeling strong muscle contractions everywhere. I didn’t see the time flowing but it was good! Jesus! It was already time to go home. I brought the thing home in a safe place because I had no time to play.
    The following night I was once again awake in my bed, and for some reason I tried de Kegel exercises. Without the Helix Syn. I was surprised to feel the waves coming back again without it, but I stopped it before shaking not to awake my wife.
    The next day I was working. At one moment I began to think about my experience of the day before and it started again without the Helix Syn, becoming stronger, this time I felt an orgasm happen. When it happened I had the feeling of an energy flow going through me upwards, was it just my imagination working?
    The following day, I tried the Helix Syn early in the morning but I had not enough time to have an orgasm this time because I had to go. I was kind of frustrated. But the waves came back in the car on my way to my job without the Helix! I suppose this is not quite a good idea for security. I have had orgasms the all day long with hours of pause in between: in the evening I was so exhausted and feeling hurt at the perineum and others muscles, so I decided to make a break to rest.
    But from time to time I can’t resist to let it happen again. While cooking, in my bed, and it keeps coming back better.
    This weekend I will give it another try at home with the Helix Syn because I think I can get more if my body has rested. I can’t really explain how it happened, I guess this is all a question of confidence, relaxing and muscular training too. Sometimes orgasm is not coming at once but if I just let waves happen again and again it finally comes. Now I have to explain and explore this with my wife. I have to normalize the practice, keeping it for intimate places! I have still a lot to learn about it. I see now this prostate stimulator as a surf and as a key to pleasure… Many many thanks to all from my ocean of pleasure, surfing on this wonderful wave! feeling happy! Cheers!

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