• Such a beautiful experience to achieve in my sexual life at nearly 40 – PART 2

    2020.01.18 / PART 2:
    Hey Chaps! Feeling quite orgasmic, erotic, happy and energized this morning!
    I know, I previously said I’d have a rest but I didn’t really managed to do it!
    I’m afraid to be kind of addicted to prostate massage and orgasms…
    As a compensation to the constraint to rest, I practised a massage on my perineum area and my anus with a mix of argan oil and a few drops of rosemary essential oil, and got early to bed.
    To this point I must say I’ve never practised Kegel exercise with an erection or even touching my penis, and it didn’t lead me to an ejaculation.
    Yesterday I was suddenly awake early in the morning in my bed, feeling horny. I guess I did unvoluntary some Kegel contractions on my perineum. It started hands free, without my aneros Helix Syn Trident. But I felt something different this time. My aim was to rest, so I stopped acting on the perineum and the anus muscles. I released my muscles, abdominals in particular, but nothing stopped. I relaxed and let it go, trying to avoid any muscle contraction.
    I felt waves of involuntary contractions (not a series of spasms this time) coming in my abdominals, synchronised with my perineum. I would describe them as a series of small bowl contractions in my belly. As it was fast leading me to shake, I went off my bed, got my Aneros and started my third session with it straight away.
    I decided to go on without acting on my muscles. I felt beautiful contraction waves with different rythms and intensities. I felt plenty of gorgeous sensations, having fun. This lead me to an orgasm, but running out of time, I had to interrupt the session.
    Later at my office, in front of my computer, like in the first Aneros session, I was working. Suddenly, a reckless thought of this first session started the muscle contractions again. But this time I think that the Aneros had unlocked something! The contractions became uncontrollable, leading to waves of pleasure, orgasms, and the intensity was the highest I’ve ever experienced in my entire life (hands free and without prostate stimulator). My abdominals where contracting with the perineum altogether. Other muscles where involved, just like all muscles in my body reacted to the same signal. I’d rather say they were reacting to the same wave length! Sometimes I felt perineum and anus swirling inside, which sounds quite weird. At this stage, it was obvious to me that it was impossible to stop the process unless some event occured, emotionally or externally. I noticed the good spot to stimulate de P-spot externally on the perineum since it was pulsating with the waves. I played with it, feeling strong contractions immediately. But pleasure became to lower due to fatigue and strain on the perineum once again, and I grabbed this occasion to let them fade away and vanish. They would come back after a couple of hours, but it was still hurting at the perineum, so I stopped. I felt no frustration at this point because of what I had experienced before. This is a chance that I’m not working in an open desk and I’m now really afraid to go back there on monday! I am just addicted and ashamed towards my boss but no one noticed what happened! I’ll find a way to reward him another way and find a trick to avoid this in the office in te future. I hope I can have some control on it one day
    I see this Aneros prostate stimulator as a key and the prostate as a locked door. The perineum is the handle opening the door of a land of pure erotic pleasure, for some time at least, until a lack of stimulation, time and context would finally shut and lock this door again. It means for me that I can use the Aneros as a key, then remove it from de lock. Then I use my perineum muscles as a handle to reopen the door and let pure pleasure flow through me. All day long, as many times as I want or as I can…
    This is quite an exciting thought…

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