• weird feeling ill tell you about it and tell me what you think.

    so i did a regular session this time its been about 3 months since my last attempt. at about the 45 minute mark i hat to pull out and pass gas, so i washed the toy and put it back in, after i put in a layed back down and noticed with was really pushing on the prostate, like almost uncomfortable felt like a fine pressure maybe felt like a dull pencil pushing on prostate, i stuck with it. cause i felt like maybe a new milestone was being acheived. about 5 min later with the same pressure on the prostate, no auto moving or sensation is happening. but all of a sudden , the explosion of what felt like numbing gel just exploded from lower abdomen to mid thigh area, i didnt know what to think but held on incase it was something good, the feeling went away about about 15-20 seconds later and just took it out. no blood in stool or what ever just soreness the next day. can anyone verify this experience. and let me know what might have happnend. ill be booking an appointment with urologist to make sure i can further use this toy. thanks in advance!

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      02/01/2020at11:08 pm

      I think you had a internal orgasm. I shake some all over sometimes while riding one.

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