• Leaves in the Wind Upload 4

    In quiet moments when outside distraction is mitigated by the absence of color, excitement or stimulation I am left to ponder my life, its events and my experiences. Sitting in the dull icy quiet of the van the stark reality of Marie’s and my relationship unraveling became crystal clear to me. My MMO ability and being rewired opened the door for her to engage fully in male sexual response and in turn realize her own sexual awakening. As I revealed my new sexuality to her she lost all inhibition, anxiety and reticence about sex. In effect she was sexually reborn when I got my man pussy. My expanded sexuality gave her an easy “off ramp” to explore and exploit her own desires, sexual inclinations and as a result understand and feed her libido. Ultimately this would lead to her leaving me. I was my own undoing.

    Indeed the start of my path of sexual discovery and her sexual awakening was MMO and more specifically the deep pleasure I derived from partnered MMO with her. It began the day I told her of my prostate orgasmic skills; her immediate response was that she wanted to be part of the erotic adventure. At the heart of it was her love of my cock, its ability to perform and her fascination with my ejaculation. She relished having the power to be in control of my orgasmic pleasure and make me ejaculate. After rewiring I became a sensual man and my anus became my man pussy. When that happened, she was on it immediately. Her fascination with my erect penis naturally extended to my man pussy; she became a factor in my MMO sexual ecstasy equation. She gained a new dimension in pleasuring me and I gained a new dimension in receiving pleasure. For me having her make me MMO amplified the power of my orgasms tenfold.

    Rewiring or more appropriately being rewired to have MMOs reset the psychological context of my sexual response. In my rewired state I shifted from being the pursuer in experiencing sexual pleasure to adopting a more feminine role of acceptor of sexual pleasure. I discovered that it was much easier to experience the pleasure as acceptor if Marie was taking the responsibility of making me orgasm. Being a woman her psychological makeup equipped her to understand how to guide my sexual ecstasy and enchant me, putting me in a passive state of mind to accept intense orgasmic rapture.

    Marie had always been a very penis centered woman; her attraction began the first time she saw my erect cock. Beyond her interest in the structural beauty of my erect penis, when she saw it perform she was mesmerized and almost overwhelmed. She loved to manipulate my cock and admire it and other men’s cocks in porno we watched. From a start of masturbating me her fascination then turned to oral sex and a thirst for my semen. When that happened she was unable to watch a hot guy with a huge erection in a video without wrapping her lips around my cock head and sucking me to a steamy hot and juicy climax.

    Marie’s first Aneros foray with me took place while we were on a mini vacation in Cancun. We had booked a long weekend at an elegant resort. We took advantage of all the amenities and services the exotic hotel had to offer including in suite spa services. We booked a massage for Marie in our suite. The picture of the masseur we booked showed a striking guy in his early thirties who was slim but well muscled. When he arrived at our door and knocked gently I answered the door. Marie was emerging from the bathroom wrapped in a towel after her shower.

    Marie gasped seeing a man in our room, she hadn’t heard the knock. He stood nonchalantly in the middle of the room looking at my wife semi naked barely covered by a towel. I could tell by her demeanor that she was very surprised but also excited as she remembered who he was and why he was there. The reality that she would be naked on a massage table as he worked her over was very exciting for her. He asked if it was just Marie or if it was a couple massage. I answered that it was ladies pleasure, I was just an observer. He then looked at me and asked if I wanted to hear all the massage options he offered. After I asked what they were, he went through a menu that started with reflexology and ended with adult massage.

    Marie looked at him quizzically and tentatively asked: am I to assume that you are talking about an erotic massage? The masseur who name was James nodded affirmatively, and smiled demurely as he seemed to look right through her towel to see her sexy tits and shaved cunt. Marie then turned to me; her face revealed her stifled excitement. She then asked me: you ok with that? Her eyes told me she was hopeful. I was quiet for a second. The idea was shocking at first but then the more I thought about it the more intriguing it became. After all I was exploring edgy sexual boundaries on line, why not give her the opportunity to explore her own boundaries, especially because she looked so interested. At least I was there to watch.

    I smiled at her and said: I am ok I think. Marie’s countenance changed immediately. Her face became the face of a child on Christmas morning that just came down to see the pile of presents under the tree. She smirked slyly, turned to James and said ok let’s go for the adult service. With that James took a paper out of the bag that was over his shoulder and took out a pen. You just need to sign this release he said handing the form to Marie. It just for legal liability protection issues he told her. We don’t want anyone coming back afterwards and claiming sexual abuse or rape. She looked surprised for a second and turned to him and said blatantly and unflinchingly: you not going to fuck me are you? She added: not that I am against that mind you. James smiled and said no that sexual intercourse was not part of the service, this was massage to orgasm only. I was struck how all of a sudden the air of formal professionalism of his service returned in response to a question from my wife asking him if he was going to fuck her. I pondered what I just heard, my wife asking a stranger if he was going to fuck her as I stood and heard it. My cock started to tingle.

    With the paper signed and put away, James went to a closet in the bedroom of the suite and took out a portable massage table and set it up. I was surprised that the suite was equipped for him. I guessed that this service must be very popular. After the table was assembled Marie dropped the towel around her body to reveal her attractive nude body to his eyes. I could tell she was aroused as her face was flushed and her nipples had already hardened. She liked having him looking at her naked tits and cunt. As I looked at him I could see the professional edge of his demeanor eroding. The fabric of his tight pants in his groin was suddenly expanding. The bulge of his hardening cock was making itself apparent. As his eyes stroked every inch of her sexy body his cock was erecting; he was a man and she was an attractive naked woman. It was impossible for any other outcome to happen. He was obviously ogling her feminine charms, studying the landscape of her sexual appeal. It gave him an erection.

    Everything after that moved in slow motion and fast forward at the same time. Before I knew it Marie was on the table spread eagled and his hands were all over her. He kneaded her shoulders, stroked her temples and rubbed her thighs and feet. The effect of his handwork was obvious, she was very relaxed. However, when his fingers found her vulva and parted her vagina opening she inhaled sharply. Relax he urged her seeing her body stiffen.

    He then began to work his erotic magic. His fingers became the fingers of a maestro musician, probing her now dripping vagina like it was his cherished instrument. Once deep inside her cunt he began to pluck the strings of her desire. He knew exactly how to play my wifes elegant feminine instrument. As he worked the inside of her vagina I could she her clitoris emerging from its hood as her grool poured from her pussy mouth. Marie has a very large clit. He noticed it too. Pushing the limits of propriety and professionalism he lowered his mouth to her prodigious clit and began to suck it. She turned her face to me and tried to focus her consciousness and escape the embarrassment of having a strange man sucking her clit as I watched. The orgasmic tension was holding her down and robbing her of her ability to feel anything n=but white hot bliss. Her eyes plaintively asked me permission to surrender to the crushing orgasm that was drilling into her vagina as he sucked her cunt. Her sense of reality then disappeared as she sank into the sea of sexual euphoria

    At the hands of this erotic impresario Marie became a sexual operatic diva. She began to sing the notes of a complicated and deeply intimate song of orgasmic agony. As my wife whined, moaned, cursed and wailed she trembled and moaned in orgasm. As she did this man’s fingers probed her spasming vagina and his mouth suckling her clit, her climax cascaded from orgasm to orgasm in a seemingly endless chain of sexual nirvana. I suddenly understood the dilemma of a cuck hold.

    Sex is a yin and a yang. The human experience of orgasm is a fine line between agony and nirvana. In the context I was in, I was watching a strange mans fingers invading my wife’s vagina and massaging the most sexually responsive parts of her female anatomy with the clear intent of making her orgasm. I felt a sense of insult, violation, indignation, embarrassment and anger. Yet at the same time I was witnessing the awe inspiring sight of a naked beautiful woman who happened to be my wife succumbing to and experiencing orgasmic rapture. I was overcome with sheer erotic wonderment and arousal watching my wife have a deeper and more intense orgasm that I had ever seen her experience before. My own cock was hard as I watched her body quivering and shaking in sweet ecstasy as he expertly worked her sexual instrument and forced her to endure deep orgasmic anguish.

    When it was over she was sweating; her chest was reddened in the flush of feminine orgasm and her nipples were stone hard. There was a pool of her orgasmic juice on the table between her thighs. Her eyes were closed and her face was slack as the after tremors of her orgasm made her abdomen and vagina twitch. As she lay there in post orgasmic bliss he cleaned her up and helped her off the table. She moved to the bed on shaky legs and flopped down; then he was gone. I climbed into bed with her and cuddled her as she dozed in my arms. My cock was still stone hard.

    She slept for an hour or so, ultimately waking to find herself in my embrace. Thank you for letting me do that she murmured. It was wonderful. I was quiet for a moment. I didn’t answer her I just kissed her. She continued. I want to make you MMO she whispered to me. I am still all hot and bothered; she then giggled guiltily. I was certainly ready for my own orgasm.

    So with a decidedly feminine mindset of passively accepting pleasure I kneeled on the bed with my knees apart in doggie position exposing my hyper sensitive anus to her as I waited. Even though she was my wife and she had seen me naked thousands of times the vulgar act of unapologetically exposing my man cunt to her asked her to pleasure me was astoundingly erotic at that moment. My position and action turned my large cock to a hot and heavy iron bar. It hung in full erection suspended between my thighs. Precum was already drooling from my pink cock slit; a large drop hung mid air from a string of its own making. I always made a lot of precum, but years of Aneros induced MMOing had increased the volume of my pre cum and semen exponentially.

    She was behind me where I could not see her, but I could hear her. She was talking to me, telling me how much he admired my man cunt and large cock and tight balls. She then parted my ass cheeks to reveal the pink starfish that was the focus of my MMO pleasure as I waited impatiently knowing what was next. I was not in charge; I was turning my sexual ecstasy over to her. As I waited, I felt the bed jiggle a bit and then I felt her hot breath on my anus. Then all of a sudden it was her soft lips and tongue. She began to make out with my man pussy, kissing it loving it; she licked and sucked it between salvos of kisses. No woman ever kissed my anus and loved it orally with the determination and tenderness that she did. As she kissed and licked my intimate hole, I was transported to place in the recesses in my brain where nothing existed but sexual pleasure. Lost in the hazy euphoria of this secret place I surrendered to the lugubriously sensual sensations that wrapped around my brain and my hardened cock.

    I was consumed by the most intimately exquisite erotic sensations I have ever experienced. It was obvious to me that this was not perfunctory fore play, this was an earnest expression of sexual love and attraction to my male pleasure hole. She obviously was really turned on by my exposed man pussy. This went on for an eternity as I floated in hazy bliss. My mind separated from my body as she made oral love to my aching rectum. It throbbed in sync to my hardening prostate Then, just as I wondered how long I could endure this pleasure, it suddenly stopped.

    We planned on having her use a Tempo on me. Now as I knelt before her, panting in aroused readiness, exposing my pleasure hole to her I remembered that. She was fiddling with the device, the condom and the lube, readying it to be inserted in my throbbing anus. This would be the first time (of many) that she would be inserting it. That was a first for me; I was always the one that inserted my own Aneros. After what seemed like an eternity, she parted my ass cheeks to expose my man pussy. In the interest of facilitating easier penetration she applied some of the extra lube that was on the Tempo in the condom to my anus. Rotating the device around my pink hole she taunted me with it, teasing me as if she was never going to impale me. After a few minutes of tormenting me she stood the device at a right angle to my man cunt and gently eased it into me, inserting it fully.

    The sensation of her tenderly parting my ass cheeks to insert the ice cold Tempo in me was mesmerizing. I was more turned on for a session than I had ever been. The insertion of the Tempo entering my warm man cunt created the strongest pre MMO anal regurgitation sensation that I ever had. As the heavy hard cold Tempo slid effortlessly into my anus I shuddered. It gave me the most divine sensation of being penetrated. The frigid invasion of my rectum by the ice cold steel immediately sent rapturous chills up my spine as it triggered the most powerful erotic gag reflex in my anus that I ever got from an Aneros device. I should say here that I love chills and did expect them, but I did not expect the depth of the gag reflex. This had never happened quite as intensely with an Aneros before.

    As for the chills, from when I was a little boy I would find ways to induce chills I love having them; they mesmerize my brain. I learned to close the world around me off and savor their isolating pleasure when I could induce them. As they washed over my skin they caused my mind to slow down and focus on the exquisite sensations of rippling bliss they caused.

    Her penetration of my anus using the steel cock like Tempo was ethereal; I felt loved, cared for and cherished. It was different than all other Aneros penetrations I had experienced to date. Not only because it was being done by a her not myself but because the instrument was cold, indifferent and insistent. This heavy cold cock like invader produced welcomed pleasurable sensations. They were like the first sighting of the wave of orgasmic bliss out on the horizon as I floated waiting. Then even before the chills subsided, I felt the gagging reflex in my anus become a tightening tingle. After the Tempo was seated the sensation of pleasant discomfort gathered in my rectum and grew. It was very much similar to the feeling of putting a finger down my throat. Only because of the location the gag reflex did not cause me to upchuck, instead it caused my prostate to spasm and my man pussy to clamp onto the Tempo and begin reflexively contracting on it in a rhythmic pattern.

    I would add at this point that my first use of the Tempo taught me how to use breathing to amplify sensation. So as I felt the Tempo create the “wave” that lifted my body, knew what to do. I breathed into it similar to paddling to match the forward motion of the wave under my surfboard. Suddenly I felt my pulse throb deep in my anus where the tip of the Tempo was pressing on my prostate. In response to cacophony of pleasure that was welling up in my anal canal, my anus clamped onto the end of the Tempo forcing it to auto – fuck me. I gasped in sheer delight as I was propelled towards the orgasmic abyss I felt growing in my anal canal by the reflexive contractions that were rhythmically drawing the bulbous tip back and forth over my pulsing gland. The sensation of the end of the Tempo massaging my erect prostate and my controlled breathing carried me with e tsunami like pleasure wave. I was now at its mercy as she watched me and caressed my hanging balls lovingly.

    As the movement of the contractions increased, the auto fucking intensified the sensation of sweet agony in my anus grew with them. I grasped the sheets under me as my cock root tightened in anticipation of orgasmic contractions. The tension of pending orgasmic ecstasy was building, getting so large I struggled to remain in control of it. This was a much larger orgasm building than anything else I had ever experienced with an Aneros. I was entering a state of mind and feeling of elegant torture that I had never had before. I realized that it was having Marie doing me and watching my ecstasy that amplified my orgasm.

    As the plateau of my orgasm got closer and closer I could feel the pleasure deep in my anus cresting. As the pleasure reached the deafening pulsing crescendo, a sense of euphoria closed in on me. I was feeling such crushing pleasure, I scrambled to grasp onto anything in my mind I could get hold of. I tried to savor the orgasmic bliss that was tugging my lurching cock, and trembling and convulsing anus. My nipples were rigidly electrified, crackling with the orgasmic energy that was enveloping my rigid penis.

    Suddenly I gasped as the orgasm crested and broke on the shore of my psyche, in a crescendo that made my body quiver and my brain wail in the grip of pulsing orgasmic rapture. Precum spilled from my cock slit as I whined into the pillow under my face.

    My orgasm was far from done. Before the last spasms of agonizing ecstasy in my anus were done I felt another wave of rapturous pleasure building. Only this time the resulting crescendo happened only seconds after I felt the wave start. Once again I crashed on the orgasmic shore in writhing ecstasy as my anus rhythmically clamped onto and released the invading massager. Again and again the waves pounded me leaving me struggling to breathe as my penis streamed precum at a volume that rendered my protective sheet under my cock a hot soggy mess.

    The session went on for at least 90 minutes as best I can remember. She was kissing my balls and stroking my lurching cock as I tumbled in the cascading chains of orgasmic bliss. When it was over I was sweating profusely. The buzz in my anus was so profound it was teasing me to continue. There was no doubt I could’ve continued but I was exhausted. She withdrew the Tempo after what seemed like an eternity. Spent from the cascading chains of MMO orgasms I flipped over onto my back and spread my legs to give him a clear view of my semi erect cock as it wept the clear tears of my Super Orgasm.

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