• 8th Anniversary of Aneros and Prostate Play

    This January 18th marked the 18th anniversary of my incredible journey into prostate play and introduction to the Aneros line of massager products.


    My first unit was the Classic Helix Syn followed by the Classic Progasm Ice (both still active in my collection).


    If I was to sum up the highlights or the progress of my eight years, I would say that, like numerous other members, the first years were challenging and even frustrating as the apparent goal was to achieve ‘the big one’.  

    I was reading every line of the forum entries forever in search of the magic key to unlock the big ‘O’.  Once I realized and accepted the fact that everyone is different and that I may NEVER experience the proverbial SO, I was able to settle down and start enjoying the real pleasures every session provided which is what I do every day that I have a session.  I reconciled that every bit of prostate pleasure I get is something I never knew was available to enjoy before my journey.


    The knowledge and experiences I have acquired throughout my journey are more than bountiful.  First, being in a long-term sexless relationship it was imperative to seek and find new pleasures without breaking my vows while keeping my integrity. Aneros gave me that gift. 


    While I became more ‘Aneros mature’, I also discovered more of what my body and mind are capable of. Far more pleasures are available beyond what  the Aneros tools can by themselves.  Who knew that with a bit of concentration and dedicated breathing, one can attain an orgasmic state and remain there for as long as desired.


    All in all, aside from a bad experience of what I categorize as a bout of serious Kundalini syndrome for most part of 2023, my experience has been extremely pleasurable.  I outlined the details of my experience in a few forum entries. 


    I could write several more pages on the subject of all the positive aspects of discovering prostate play 8 years ago but I’ll keep that for my next anniversary entry.


    Life is wonderful!

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