• Pleasure with Adderall

    I’ve been using the MGX for about 1yr 4mth. Had a few shuttle good feelings, nothing orgasmic or very special. I tend to go all day these days. Recently, I’ve noticed, really, really good feelings, sharp almost, randomly when I would bend down or bend over or lye down on my back, legs bent up, spread open slightly then moving my hips up and down while I squeeze the two main areas on and off etc. Initially I couldn’t figure why this really really good feeling was not consistent. But, I think I figured it out. I’ve realized, it may have to do with my 40mg Adderall IR. It (the really, really good feelings) can last a good 6 – 8 hours. I can take another Adderall before the 6 – 8 hours to extend the feeling for another 3 – 4 hours. Once time runs out, the pleasure is dull and doesn’t feel like anything and I end my session for the day, and resume next day when I take my Adderall.

    Has anyone experienced this? Also, might I be close to any kind of orgasim (I never touch myself during these session but do wear a Victoria Secret thong which goes over the MGX to help hold it in.)

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