• Fuck Water Lubricant Review

    Every one of us that plays with our prostate needs lube. Lube can be a slippery subject literally and figuratively. What matters for lube is that is slippery, stays where it’s meant to be and is safe. This is where Fuck Water comes in. It’s…

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  • Can you forget your Penis? I struggle.

    Honestly I can say I have been a serious user of the Aneros products for several years and still struggle to forget about my Penis during my sessions, and to not have expectations of orgasmic bliss. Early in my experiences I struggled complete a session…

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  • Cheating on my Aneros toys

    I know it’s been a good Long while since I have posted. I’m very patiently waiting for the vice 2 to be available for order. I’m actually very excited for this toy to be out. More appropriately I’m ready for this toy to be in…

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  • Wearing the Maximus

    Friday afternoon I had the house to myself with a couple of honey do items my wife had left me and dinner plans that required me to leave my in about 3 hours. On top of this my prostate was begging for a session. I…

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  • My Favorite Lube is No More.. Need suggestions?

    I’m running low on my favorite lube for my Aneros sessions and can no longer get it. Whats everyone’s favorite water based lube?

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  • Aneros Progasm How I have Missed You

    Last night I came home from work to an empty house for a couple of extra hours and knew it would be a good time to have a session. I went to my box of toys and dug to the bottom and pulled out the…

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  • Aneros Eupho Trident Review

    I have been meaning to log on to write this for a while now but haven’t really had time. I have only been getting maybe 1-2 sessions in a week for the last month or so. Really not as much time as I would like….

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  • Eupho use during sex!

    Since Aneros claims that the eupho is perfect for use during sex I figured it would be my duty to give it a try. My wife had been asking about sex with the aneros in for a while. So with the addition of the eupho…

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  • Eupho Syn session with Andrew Christian Jock Strap

    Since I said I would review the Eupho Trident, I went ahead and picked up a Eupho Syn . I want to put some hours in with the syn version, before I try out the Trident version. It will give me something to compare it…

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  • Tons of Precum

    Last night I was taking the Maximus Trident for another spin. My Penis would go from flacid to rock hard and back multiple times. This is pretty normal for me. I also leak precum in fairly generous amounts. It does not matter erection or not….

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