• Aneros Progasm How I have Missed You

    Last night I came home from work to an empty house for a couple of extra hours and knew it would be a good time to have a session. I went to my box of toys and dug to the bottom and pulled out the Progasm. I have had this toy for a few years and its been a long time since it last saw action. The Progasm took my Aneros virginity. l was fairly new to prostate play when I made the purchase with the thought that it would for sure hit my prostate. I figured bigger was better at the time. Fast forward to last night, I knew what a little nimble toy like the eupho trident was capable of and also well aware that the more time I spent with the little eupho of how much control and strength my PC muscles have developed. I lubed the Progasm up and slid it in, about half way I let it go and wham my body pulled it in and right to the spot. As I laid on my bed with the progasm in. I thought of all the time we had spent together, from my first sessions feeling something building but never able to keep it going while my throbbing erection dripped precum in mass and knew for the night I made the right choice. I really forgot how good this toy felt. The wonderful pressure my prostate felt the minute I put the toy in. And the size, im normally not a big fan of size. As a straight male nothing goes in thats not an Aneros these days. The size, the shape and the length all come together to fill me and have me thinking holy fuck this feels so good and I feel so full. With contractions the feeling only grew. Simple and straight forward, every twitch and every movement my I made moved the progasm tighter against my prostate. I had a handsfree full body orgasm about thirty minutes after I started and I decided to keep my session going. 10 minutes later without even touch my penis I came forth like a fountain. And once again the progasm is on the top of my toybox.


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      11/07/2018at9:36 pm

      I like my Progasm Black Ice a lot. It’s direct and gets the job done. Most of the time it’s the right tool

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