• Cheating on my Aneros toys

    I know it’s been a good Long while since I have posted. I’m very patiently waiting for the vice 2 to be available for order. I’m actually very excited for this toy to be out. More appropriately I’m ready for this toy to be in and nuzzled up to my prostate for a couple of reasons, I have never tried the vice but have always wanted to and thanks to the Lelo Loki and Bruno my prostate has gotten some very new treatment with vibrating massagers. Honestly both these massagers are something every prostate pleasure man should want in their toy box. The Loki to me is what the rabbit is to my wife. It’s big, it’s bad and it will make me drip, dribble, moan and cum buckets. Put it in her skilled and oh my. The Bruno is smaller more wearable and throw some kegals in and look out. Hopefully all the vibrations don’t ruin the Aneros models for me.


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      07/14/2019at2:06 pm

      I have a loki wave and it’s amazing. I can usually find a super orgasm just by putting it in. It’s big and harder to insert, but once inside it seems it fit me perfectly. The wave function seems to move back and forth over my prostate usually generating super orgasms in waves. I would recommend it to anyone.

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