• Eupho Syn session with Andrew Christian Jock Strap

    Since I said I would review the Eupho Trident, I went ahead and picked up a Eupho Syn . I want to put some hours in with the syn version, before I try out the Trident version. It will give me something to compare it to in my next review to see if the Trident version really is better. This may be jumping a little early since the Trident version has yet to see my ass, but I really think the Trident version will be better. Im not going to go into it any farther than that in this post. Curious prostates will have to await my review, which I promise will be as descriptive as my review of the Helix Trident if not more.
    I started something new with my sessions with the Eupho. I kinda took an idea from another blog post and gave it a try. I have been wearing an Andrew Christian Jock Strap during my session. This is really no typical jock strap, sure it has the open back harness. Its got a special pouch that you slide your goods into. It’s awesome, so awesome, im replacing my boxer briefs with the pouched versions. I could make a post just about them. For my sessions it really ensures my penis stays out of the fun. Since everything is pouched and supported it keeps the movement down with the contractions, the precum and prostate fluid contained. It really helps from a point of eliminating the distraction of my penis dripping or any penis and balls movements during my sessions. Im probably going to buy another one to use during all my sessions. Plus my wife likes me wearing then around the house. I just love the contained comfort feeling.


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      07/14/2018at7:41 am

      @Iliketoplay My Aneros sessions always go better with a jockstrap! In my case, I like a hard-cup jock since there is no distraction from my erect cock at all! When I wear a regular jock, it is just too tempting for me to keep my hands to myself! BTW, looking forward to your review of the ET!

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