• Eupho use during sex!

    Since Aneros claims that the eupho is perfect for use during sex I figured it would be my duty to give it a try. My wife had been asking about sex with the aneros in for a while. So with the addition of the eupho to my collection the time was fitting. Monday night knowing we would be I left the eupho laying on her night stand with a note that said “you can use this on me”. Fast forward to our time in bed together during for play she lubed it up and slipped it inside of me. I immediately got those wonderful pleasure sensations of my aroused and swollen prostate being lightly brushed by the toy. My wife had left my man parts alone during foreplay, she kissed and touched her way down from my neck to my lowers, stopping to kiss and touch around near my penis and balls. Ending up at my ass with her hand, she gently touched my ass hole with her finger, more of a teasing, and teasing my perineum as well. I was well aroused when she put the aneros in. Once it was in she rolled over onto her back legs spread, and that was my hint. Once in her, with some light slow thrusting I could feel the eupho dancing lightly touching my prostate. The pleasure was amazing, not to much but almost to much. The sensation of my penis in the soft, warm and wet environment combined with the leaking sensation the movement of the eupho was giving was amazing. After a few minutes she wanted to take a ride on top. I wasnt going to stop her. While readjusting I gave a couple light contractions and was oozing. My wife and I like to sometimes sit still with me inside and use kegals on eachother. My wife bearing down on my felt great as always, with her bearing down I threw in a kegal, the sensation was too much. We both released she went to the top of my penis, clamped down, told me to clench and hold. Half way on her decent down I was in trouble, there was no abort action, delay or anyway to get my self from exploding. I could feel the eupho dancing rapidly and my ejaculation reflexes were going. Kissing my prostate with every move of the massager I orgasm-ed. Full bodied, toes curled, eyes closed, I could feel the cum rising up out of me. My wife just kept on going, riding to her own moaning orgasms seconds later. This is defiantly going to become something we throw in from now on.


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      08/06/2018at4:35 pm

      Thank you sou much for letting us participate! If I’d smoke, I now needed a cigarette. 😉

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