• Wearing the Maximus

    Friday afternoon I had the house to myself with a couple of honey do items my wife had left me and dinner plans that required me to leave my in about 3 hours. On top of this my prostate was begging for a session. I didn’t want to rush a session as those are generally more of a waste of time. I decided that I should go ahead and try make the best of the time I had. I figured I would try something new. My plan was this, assemble the shelving units in my living room, wearing my Andrew Christian Jock Strap,the aneros and a t shirt. To ensure I stayed aroused mentally I put on some girl on girl porn on the tv. I went ahead, prelubed and slid in the Maximus. The fullness felt great and my prostate could tell it was there without any kegals. I went ahead and put the jock on and tucked my man parts into the pouch. Anytime I use this jock in a session it is always better. Probably because the pouch in the jock lifts and supports everything while creating some added sexual tension. Going about my work I was kneeling most of the time facing the tv. As I assembled the shelving units I could not help but notice how great and distracting my prostate was becoming. I had me session afterwards and it was really one for the books.

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