• Aneros Eupho Trident Review

    I have been meaning to log on to write this for a while now but haven’t really had time. I have only been getting maybe 1-2 sessions in a week for the last month or so. Really not as much time as I would like. I picked up the eupho trident about a month ago and its been a regular in my rotation. Yes, I have a large collection of Aneros toys, and depending on my mood and what my prostate is craving I will pull from the toy box.
    Back to the Eupho Trident. First, compared to the syn version, and above the others in the Trident line, the Eupho is one mobile, comfortable piece pleasure. I have put alot of toys in my butt and this is the most comfortable prostate toy to wear around the house. I actually have it in right now.
    The Eupho Trident or ET for short compared to the syn version has similar complaints. The syn version has the annoying handle, useless perineum tab and the worst of all dries out to quickly. Like Prelube is required and still isn’t enough for long sessions. I only use waterbased lube, and really who wants to be in the middle of a set of in-voluntaries and have their lube dry up. The ET moves better, is more comfortable and doesn’t dry out nearly as fast. If you are in the market for a Eupho, but the ET version its worth it.
    The ET compared the Eupho Helix. The Eupho Trident moves and dances around the prostate. Lightly touching it sending waves of pleasure. The Eupho Helix, almost rubs, almost milks and contacts firmly. They both provide pleasure and are my go to Prostate toys. I did find the Eupho Trident had more of a learning curve due to its less definite contact. So Newbie, buy the Eupho Helix. Anything after try the Eupho. Like I said earlier the fun is in the Journey.
    I will compare the ET to the Eupho Maximus. The Maximus fills, and I mean fills my ass. Its not uncomfortable, but gives a nice full feeling. I reserve this for when I am looking for something way different. The ET will dance and tease the prostate, the Maximus, contacts firmly, and will rub it with every contraction. Both give will give me a super o. I like to use the Maximus then the Eupho. I find it stretches me out a little and gives the Eupho a chance to really move.
    I know everyone wants to know what the ET is like in use. In the 10 minutes or so since I inserted it and started contractions. The same amount of time it has taken me to write this. I have a nice erection, and can feel definite leaking of precum. Actually have a wet spot on my naked belly.
    With every little contraction, I feel the warmth deep in my belly. I feel the massager lightly brushing my prostate, teasing and moving contacting my prostate in whatever way I feel. I can almost roll it side to side or rock it front to back or do them both at the same time. In a way writing this review fully naked with the prostate massager im writing about sitting in my ass teasing my prostate the entire time was arousing. As the I fight back the in voluntaries to finish my blog, I cant help but think the Eupho Trident is my new favorite.


    • Avatar for SOwithoutAneros


      09/04/2018at11:47 pm

      Thanks for your review, couldn’t withstand, my ET will be delivered tomorrow. :-)))

    • Avatar for Harper


      09/06/2018at6:10 pm

      @Iliketoplay. Couldn’t agree more. I got one a few months ago and was won over straight away. It makes up for its lack of size in other ways. Makes a great combo with something larger, like the Progasm Jr.

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