• My Favorite Lube is No More.. Need suggestions?

    I’m running low on my favorite lube for my Aneros sessions and can no longer get it. Whats everyone’s favorite water based lube?


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      11/17/2018at7:47 am

      @Iliketoplay I am using Slippery Stuff Gel. Safe, has no odor, easy to apply and gets the job done! PS You may consider adding this to the Forum.

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      11/17/2018at12:19 pm

      Like Astroglide as it is readily available inexpensive and.does a great job. Also have found coconut oil and olive oil to work well.

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      11/17/2018at1:20 pm

      Honestly, I put a smidge of Vaseline on and around my asshole and coat the bottom end of tool of choice for about an inch above the kundalini tabs. This is enough lube to let the Aneros slide free. Using much lube I get to feeling like I’m holding some watery stool during a session. I’m not afraid of negative health effects of Vaseline. I’d worry much more about some of the stuff in some silicone and water based lubes.

      Wife and I use coconut oil as a sex lube. She’s happy with it and I am too. Some young person told me if you have to use lube, you aren’t doing it right. When she’s 58 years old you’re going to need some lube. I find the scent during an Aneros session distracting though.


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