• My thoughts on…an Intro

    Hi everyone. This is a blog I guess! I’ve been a member on this site for 9 years and an aneros ‘rider’ for almost 12. I don’t post much on the forum, but I do chat…quite a lot! In the chatroom originally but now mostly on Skype. I originally came to the site to get help, and from that I started to rewire and found aneros probably the best purchase of my life so far. After that I started to pass on what I learnt to other guys, and one or two even listened…heh. After a while a few guys came back and said what I suggested had worked for them. I love chatting to other guys because its rare that guys actually talk about their solo time. Im not a ‘locker room talk’ kinda guy but talking about aneros and how it works is an openness that is really positive for me. After a while I started to find I was giving the same advice to multiple guys on different chats, so I thought Id try writing some of it down. A lot of it has already been said many times, but because every guy is different, I figure what I say may resonate with some folks, especially if you’re pretty new to aneros or want to get preogressively more result from riding…or both. I’ve pretty much tried every single variant, so I can only write about what works for me.
    I’m 41, from the UK and started riding when I was 29. I’m bisexual, out and married. I guess I’ve always been lucky that my partner and I have a non-conformist relationship in that we have separate bedrooms. We have solo time and joint time. We both have toys we like and both like private time as well as time we’re together. Plus my partner snores. I’m sure I don’t….heh. I was on a website one day and was bored with my solo time and wanted something new. I was faced with Aneros v Fleshlight. I still haven’t got a Fleshlight! I bought a MGX. Along the way I’ve also picked up a Helix, Eupho, Ice and ProJr. I’m thinking of adding another one. I know a super orgasm is so so different for every guy but I think I’ve made it just about to the end of the ‘wiki list’. Not sure about ‘on demand’ but I know how to get there!
    I’m going to write about my experiences in a progressive type way so that new users can possibly benefit from it. This might work or it might not, but I thought I’s at least try.

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