• Don't Get Discouraged

    It is easy to get discouraged. Initially, I tried to make the Aneros products work. Proactive breathing and the like weren’t particularly effective. Soon anal entry was no problem. The sphincter muscles and G-spot were sort of in training mode, but it all didn’t seem worth the bother. That’s changed!
    After a few years away, I am using a Progasm and the softer deVice. Following insertion and laying down, it takes less than 15 seconds for my feet to begin twitching spontaneously. Within another minute, my legs are moving. Soon I can feel either device making delicate movements and feel P-tab contact. Within a few minutes, my abdomen is thrusting. All of this driven by the sphincters.
    I often add a music component, but that is unnecessary. I like to close my eyes and allow my mind to see whatever visions arise. Unlike some, I do not get hard or much beyond a very slight fluid release. I occasionally vocalize, but that is not always involved. The spontaneous full-body experience is well worth waiting for the sphincter muscles to learn the optimal pathway.

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