• Overnight Sleeper

    I have always wanted to travel on an overnight sleeper train but hadn’t had the opportunity until now. Here is my experience with aless on the train.
    The sleeper cabin was warm and comfortable and I had it to myself for 12 hours. After dinner and a bottle of wine in the buffet car, I settled down for the night. The rolling stock was old and noisy compared to more modern trains so I used my noise cancelling headphones to suppress the clatter. It helped, but I couldn’t do anything about the rocking and movement of the carriage which kept me awake. After an hour of being bumped around, I resigned myself to not sleeping. As I lay in the dark, my cock responded to the subconscious thought that I was not going to sleep and developed an immediate aless boner. Giving in, I raised my knees and spread my legs and enjoyed the pulsating pleasure as my erect cock swayed and bumped around in response to the train movements. After a while, I couldn’t feel my erection, but I could certainly feel the amazing aless pleasure waves, which made my entire pelvic zone a pleasure centre, with orgasmic cloud hovering over it. The rocking and swaying of the train produced a constant hum of pleasure as every nerve ending responded in a dance of unpredictability and sublime intensity. Cascades of orgasmic pleasure filled the cabin with joy and a sense of well being like nothing else.
    After 20 minutes, I still couldn’t feel my cock, but it didn’t matter. The beauty and intensity of what I was feeling was all consuming. I touched it to make sure, I was not dreaming. It remained erect. After another half an hour I checked again and it was still erect. I wondered if I could last the entire journey with a boner and such wonderful pleasure, but then it occurred to me that I was in unknown territory here. What I was experiencing was not normal at all. Perhaps I would develop Priapism? That is usually accompanied by pain, but here was I, with exactly the opposite sensation. Anyway, I decided that I wouldn’t take the risk and a minute later, the erection subsided. In the end, I did sleep for a couple of hours, but the journey left a memory that will be impossible to erase.

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