• First use of the original Helix

    Hey everyone. I just bought my first prostate massager and went with the Helix model. It looked like it was great for beginners so I decided to give it a try. I read all the stories of these amazing experiences. I didn’t get anything really the first couple of times I used it. I think the first use I got some body twitching, but no tingles or things like that. I tried watching porn and got into a rhythm but not sensations past normal reactions to the open. I tried different positions and nothing seemed to happen. I did all the exercises as well to the best that I could. I don’t want to just buy another model to have the same results. Are there any suggestions to getting this experience started. Thanks guys.

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      01/12/2018at2:52 pm

      @Bwaystar1987, welcome to the Aneros World! It’s good to read your blog and please continue to share your progress details.
      With patience and NO expectations, you will enjoy your journey to a wonderful world of pleasure. It’s been two years for me and the real progress started when I decided to not expect anything and to open my mind to the pleasures i was getting and it works GREAT! I never have a bum session. Another key is to let your body whisper what it needs as far as frequency, position and length of session.
      You picked a great model to begin, soon, you will come to appreciate what it does for you.
      Goos luck and goof vibes to you.

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